Republican Arizona state Sen. Eddie Farnsworth revealed on Monday that he intends to subpoena the Maricopa voting machines for a forensics audit. There is ample evidence to breed distrust in the Dominion Voting machines to warrant such action. Farnsworth argued that enough questions have been raised about the accuracy and security of the machines to warrant the audit.

Especially since President Trump is only behind by less than 12,000 votes. The smallest county in Michigan shifted six thousand votes by itself.

Maricopa County is much larger and produced some seemingly impossible numbers. Just in duplicate votes which the Dominion machines never catch would give President Trump the lead.

At the same time, they will be doing signature checks on ballots in Georgia. In addition, one machine in tiny Ware County in Georgia fed an equal number of Biden votes and Trump votes. The machine said Biden was leading by 37 votes.

The cowardly courts are looking for technicalities so they won’t have to rule on the merits.

The subpoenas became an issue after six hours of testimony before the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee, of which Farnsworth is the chairman. They grilled the head of the election from Maricopa County and that was when Farnsworth decided to make this move.

Should this audit end up like the one from Antrim County, the audit could be extended to more counties.

From The Blaze

“There is evidence of tampering, there is evidence of fraud,” Farnsworth said in announcing the action, according to the Arizona Mirror, adding that a forensic audit could help restore confidence that the election was fair and legal.

Farnsworth also said he got the impression from county officials that the very notion of fraud was something they were not interested in considering.

“I do have a concern that the county is taking the position that it just can’t happen,” he said. “There is a litany of white-collar crimes, digital crimes in the history of this country and this world of some very sophisticated people and the victims didn’t recognize it until some future time. I think it’s really, really dangerous for us to say, ‘It can’t happen.'”

Let’s hope they can win one for the Gipper.


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  • I don’t see a date that this was reported .. is AZ going to do a forensic audit of the machines or not ? Have been told the inspection can be done in a day or two so why not ? Are the powers that be in control of decisions concerned of the potential results? We the people want it done ! ASAP !!!

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