The Antifa terrorist who threw the bomb at the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse in Portland has been identified thanks to a tip from someone that knows him; his grandmother. He has not been identified by name yet but he is allegedly the one, having been identified by his grandmother from pictures of the night of the bombing.

He will have a long time to think about what he has done. It could be a very very long time, depending on what they charge him with. He could get a long sentence just for bombing a federal building but they could add terrorism charges and the attempted murder of the federal agents inside the courthouse.

Here is a video of him throwing the bomb at the courthouse:

His grandmother was able to identify him because he is wearing a vest that she purchased for him online. It must be a tough decision to make when you see a loved one potentially committing an act that could lead to the death of innocent people. Fortunately, she went with what was right and she dropped the dime on him.


Tonight, the Portland riots will have been going on for 62 days and each one has been violent. ted Wheeler’s claim that the violence was sparked by federal agents is absurd when you consider the riots had been ongoing for over 7 weeks before the first federal agent was sent into Portland. Wheeler is just playing CYA.

Steven Ahle

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  • Lol. Good lady. Thank you Grandmother!! When the civil war eventually starts..We The American Patriots of this country, The American PATRIOT MILITIAMEN will finally UNITE and it will be great to finally Hunt these pussy ass MFERS down like the Treasonous criminals they are. And believe me, We ONLY take HEAD SHOTS with our AR’s. ONE AND DONE! Saves slot of Ammo. You’ll never see or hear US or the Bullet entering your skull. I truly cannot wait. It’ll bring back combat days IMMEDIATELY, and sometimes I miss those days. Watch out DUMBOCRAPS Liberals Anqueefa BLM LOSERS and PROTESTERS. You are ALL FAIR GAME. MAGA2020 WWG1WGA PATRIOTS KAG2020 GO TRUMP. TRUMP2020.

  • “He will have a long time to think about what he has done. It could be a very very long time, depending on what they charge him with.”

    Oh, is that based on all of the consequences these terrorists have been facing? Come on…IF they even charge him–IF–then some Obama judge will just let him go.

    • She didn’t turn him in. She moronically posted a picture of him and a review of the flack jacket she purchased for him. The police were able to identify him by the picture in the review and trace it back to grandma. If she was opposed to what he was doing, she wouldn’t have bought him protective gear to terrorize.

  • YES GET GRANDMAS involved. They have common sense. Get grandmas on a gun buy back
    It will be successful
    They need money not guns.

  • Will the govenor of Missouri remove kim Gardener.. Soros puppet. Soros has been supporting the anti gun mayor’s and govenor’s he can buy ..

  • If the public doesn’t need the police either does our politicians..get it right come out on the streets with the people you are suppose to protect

  • Good for you grandma I’m also a grandmother and I would have done the same thing. Unfortunately our young people no longer know what the word respect means. It breaks my heart to see young people being misled by so many hateful people and I believe that’s what is truly going on. God-bless you and continue to follow your heart.

  • Gramdma has her act together.
    Her grsndson is classoc loser living off the kindness of an aged family member.
    Trust he will enjoy living in a small cell with a real man, who is looking for a new love interest

  • Very proud of Grandma. this is no longer a protest this is an insurrection as they are now using improvised explosive devices to try to kill officers and federal agents. I hope you gets tried for treason and spend the rest of his life at Guantanamo Bay

  • Finally…. A grown up with convictions. We need more responsible adults that are brave enough to call out wrong, no matter the consequences.

  • To be fair:
    90% of terrorist caused deaths in 2019 were by right-wing extremists ( )
    There have been 0 murders due to attacks by Antifa in 25 years (
    On the other hand, in the 1940s, Antifa groups such as the US, Russian and British armies were responsible for killing millions in Germany and Japan.

  • Lol good! The asshole got what he deserved. We need peace in our lives not all this chaos especially during this damn pandemic. Kudos to his gramma!

  • Salute, Granny. Now where are all the other parents and grandparents who need to turn in their spawn? Many people in these videos are identifiable.