Antifa rioters in Portland looted and burned an Apple store that displayed a large picture of George Floyd in the window and a church that fed the hungry and fired guns from cars as they drove by. Mayor Ted Wheeler is currently reaping what he sowed when he allowed antifa to riot for over 100 days running. The riots are continuing and arrests are few compared to the amount of damage being done to the city.

The city had advanced warnings about the current spate of riots’ but the police were not able to curtail it after antifa has been given free rein and the domestic terrorists have gotten bolder. They recently tried to commit mass murder after they barricaded federal agents inside the ICE building and set it on fire. The latest riot saw companies looted, buildings set on fire, and random gunfire from passing cars.

A statement from police officials warns:

The Portland Police Bureau is aware that individuals are planning a so called “direct action” event this evening at Director Park (with a 9 p.m. march). Such events have historically included wanton destruction of public and private property, violence and the active threat of harm by thrown or propelled objects, fire and impact weapons. Similarly advertised events promoted and then engaged in arson and riots.

Despite the advance warning, Antifa rioters carried out their plans to create more property damage in the Downtown District Friday night.

As police stood by and watched, rioters vandalized multiple businesses in the city. The police report states:

A separate group of an estimated several hundred people started marching from Director?s Park at about 9:30 p.m. Participants in this march started breaking windows of businesses, including the Nordstrom, Verizon, Nike, the Oregon Historical Society and more. In addition to burglary and vandalism, individuals engaged in the crime of criminal mischief by damaging planters and applying graffiti. Looting was reported as well. Windows were also broken at the First Christian Church, a location known for their generosity in feeding over a thousand meals weekly to the homeless.






Steven Ahle

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  • I do believe that if they would just call “Snake” Plissken, he is more than likely available to sort out antifa ass*holes and blm idiots. He might be a little in the geriatric side but still he could rid the world of these genetic failures. Escape from Portland/ Seattle!!! Worst places in America!! LMFAO!!! You really shouldn’t sh*t where you eat, I’m assuming they have no mommas to teach them any different.

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