Antifa activist Daniel Alan Baker has been arrested in connection with a plot to kill Trump supporters and police on inauguration day. Baker is an activist that participated in many protests revolving around the death of George Floyd and he was also part of the CHAZ movement in Seattle, Washington. He claims he was receiving money from George Soros to be used for paying rewards for information and activism.

Baker is a former infantryman who trained with the Kurds of the YPG in 2017. He has since become active in domestic terrorism. He was arrested after he issued a call to arms on the CNN site. No information on how many CNN employees heeded his call. He called for killing Trump supporters and police on inauguration day. He was arrested well ahead of January 20th but it remains to be seen if they can hold him or whether he is released without bail.

Tallahassee WCTV had more on the arrest:

Tallahassee resident Daniel Baker was arrested Friday.

Federal law enforcement alleges he encouraged violence against protesters expected to hold demonstrations at the Capitol starting Sunday.

US Attorney for Florida’s Northern District Lawrence Keefe told us earlier this week, law enforcement had been working to identify threats before they manifested.

“Trying to detect, disrupt and dismantle any coordinated efforts to attack any capital,” said Keefe.

Baker, a former US Army infantryman, took part in a number of last summer’s protests against police brutality according to the affidavit.

The criminal complaint included Daniel Baker saying he received Soros money and he will be offering cash rewards for information on Trump supporters in his video.


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  • SO…what ur saying is he’s a shoe in for holding office for democrats? Please come find us shithead, before the law finds you!

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