All But 4 of Hillary’s Emails Were Forwarded to Drop Box With Similar Name as Chinese Company

Would it surprise you to know that China might have all of Hillary’s 30,490 emails from her unauthorized home email server, except for four, and that includes all of the classified emails? Hillary’s IT manager, Paul Combetta, worked at Platte River Networks, and while there, he created a dummy account. That account, Carter Heavy Industries, was used to send copies of Hillary’s emails to the fake account – which is a drop box. Combetta claims that it’s just a coincidence that the name is so close to the name of a Chinese company with ties to the Chinese company,  Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

From Scribe News

Out of the 30,490 emails on Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized home email server, all but four of them were forwarded to a private Gmail address which appeared to show the name of a Chinese company, according to recently released documents.

The documents reveal nearly every email sent and received to Clinton’s server was also sent to ““ The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) investigator, Frank Rucker, noticed the irregularity. Taking to Google, he searched for “Carter Heavy Industries,” which came up with results of a Chinese manufacturer of heavy machinery and excavators, Shandong Carter Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

According to Rucker, he and ICIG attorney, Jeanette McMillian reported the findings to the FBI in February, 2016. The meeting included Peter Strzok, who had taken over as the section chief heading the Clinton probe. Strzok didn’t ask many questions and was “aloof and dismissive,” Rucker told Congress.

Despite Rucker and McMillian sharing their findings to top brass at the FBI, Inspector General Michael Horowitz did not address or include it in his 568-page report on how the Clinton email probe was handled by the FBI and DOJ.


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