AG William Barr Backs Soleimani Strike: ‘He Was the Head of a Terrorist Organization’

On Monday, AG Bill Barr held a press conference on the terror attack at the naval base and other topics.

The killing of Soleimani was the most talked about topic, and Barr defended Trump’s actions because Solemani was a terrorist leader, and US personnel and facilities in Iraq were being targeted due to him.

Of course, the reporters tried to claim the killing was illegal.

You have to wonder if the press has ever read the constitution or whether they distort it for political reasons.

One reporter indicated that only Congress could approve the killing because only they have the power to declare war. But, Trump did not declare war.

He merely killed a terrorist; something Democrats applauded when Obama did it.

One reporter suggested that President Trump had to get congressional approval first.

Just like Obama got approval for killing bin Laden and Awlaki?

He too acted without asking for congressional approval, but the press and Democrats cheered him, as did Republicans.

It’s impossible to get approval when you just have a fifteen-minute window to act.

From Breitbart News

A reporter with CNN asked Barr if the drone strike violated the Constitution.

“Can you explain to people in Congress, including conservatives who have questions about whether or not this was a constitutional strike given the fact that the Constitution gives Congress the right to declare war —  and in this case obviously this was an act of war — and they were not consulted?” the reporter asked.

“I believe the president clearly had the authority to act as he did,” Barr said, adding that Iran instigated hostilities and the U.S. had the right to respond.

“We had a situation where the Iranians had already embarked on a series of escalating violent action taken against our allies, taken against the American people, our troops; with the avowed purpose of driving us out of the Middle East,” Barr said.

“They had attacked shipping the Strait of Hormuz; they had attacked oil fields in Saudi Arabia; they had attacked U.S. bases; they had attacked our embassy; they had killed Americans,” Barr said.

“These ongoing attacks were being planned and orchestrated by Soleimani,” Barr said. “Our ability to deter attacks had obviously broken down. The Iranians had been given a number of red lines and were crossing those lines.”



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