AG Bill Barr is as worthless as a milk bucket under a bull, but sometimes he says the right thing even when he is doing things wrong.

Barr made the remarks in an interview with Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel. He said that a small group of people tried to0 bring down the Trump presidency. What gave you the first clue, Sherlock?

In my mind and heart, I think that anyone involved in the attempted coup should be charged with treason. I am not for a firing squad but I would have no problem with life sentences with no chance for parole.

Any charge less than treason would be a miscarriage of justice. Imagine what President Trump could have accomplished without this hoax hindering him.

Not that he does not have an impressive resume despite the battles he had to fight against the Democrats, the media, and most of the time against Republicans. Paul Ryan was a total disgrace as Speaker of the House. He was almost as bad as Pelosi is. We would have a completed wall if someone capable was in charge instead of Ryan.

From The Daily Wire

Strassel wrote:

He reminds me why he took the job in the first place: “The Department of Justice was being used as a political weapon” by a “willful if small group of people,” who used the claim of collusion with Russia in an attempt to “topple an administration,” he says. “Someone had to make sure that the power of the department stopped being abused and that there was accountability for what had happened.” Mr. Barr largely succeeded, in the process filling a vacuum of political oversight, reimposing norms, and resisting partisan critics on both sides.

Mr. Barr describes an overarching objective of ensuring that there is “one standard of justice.” That, he says, is why he appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the FBI’s 2016 Crossfire Hurricane probe. “Of course the Russians did bad things in the election,” he says. “But the idea that this was done with the collusion of the Trump campaign — there was never any evidence. It was entirely made up.” The country deserved to know how the world’s premier law-enforcement agency came to target and spy on a presidential campaign.

Mr. Barr says Mr. Durham’s appointment should not have been necessary. Mr. Mueller’s investigation should have exposed FBI malfeasance. Instead, “the Mueller team seems to have been ready to blindly accept anything fed to it by the system,” Mr. Barr says, adding that this “is exactly what DOJ should not be.”

Barr went on to say that he knows that the CIA was not involved in the plot and while that may anger many of you, he is probably right. The CIA fought against using the Hillary/Steele dossier in their report. They warned that the dossier was more of a fable than fact. John Brennan even told the FBI and other intelligence agencies that it was likely that Hillary or her campaign created the Russia collusion hoax.

He focused his comments on the FBI and the Mueller Farce. He claims that Mueller should have exposed the members of the FBI responsible for the coup attempt.


Steven Ahle

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  • Yeah well, me personally, I’m for public hanging. Straight up. Only for “government officials” guilty of treason. The others can fry privately.

  • David, I read your articles and learn from them, but…
    It drives me crazy that they don’t have dates on them.
    With all the fake news and even people taking old news from the Obama area and before claiming it’s new news, so the first thing I do is look for a date.
    No date = No read.
    Yes I followed the Daily Wire link to get the date but, do I need to leave your page to get the date? What happens when I get distracted and don’t return?
    I know you are good but I must apply the same standards to every article I read.

    Thanks and much love!

  • This is the problem…” Im not for a firing squad”.

    A coup d’etat is the highest form of treason seeking to enslave my family, my children and my grand children to leftist dirtbags…you puece of weak kneed garbage.

    You would betray your own family. Youre no man.

    Execute them ALL publicly….watch how many line up to try to oppress us in the future…idiot.

    • A firing squad is too quick. Spending 30 or 0 years in prison is a much tougher punishment for the elitists. You are angry enough to be a liberal. Are you?

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