9th Circuit Gives Trump Yuge Victory Over Sanctuary Cities

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President Trump has won a major battle against sanctuary cities, and liberals will not be happy. One of the few good things that Jeff Sessions ever did as AG was to cut funds to sanctuary cities. A lower court ruled against the president as another activist judge used the bench to further their ideology. But the case was appealed to the 9th, and liberals expected an easy win. They didn’t get it. President Trump can now deny sanctuary cities and states money for community policing if they don’t cooperate with federal officers. That money will now go to cities that cooperate with federal authorities.

The Hill reported:

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday ruled in favor of the Trump administration’s efforts to prioritize federal dollars for local policing to towns and cities that complied with certain immigration policies.

The ruling, a split 2-1 decision, said the Department of Justice (DOJ) was within its rights to withhold Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grants from sanctuary cities and states over their refusal to work with federal immigration enforcement authorities and instead prioritize agencies that focused on unauthorized immigration and agreed to give Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) access to jail records and immigrants in custody.

The city of Los Angeles first sued the administration after it was denied a $3 million grant on the grounds that it did not receive the money because it did not focus on immigration for its community policing grant application. The decision reversed a district court’s ruling.

“The panel rejected Los Angeles’s argument that DOJ’s practice of giving additional consideration to applicants that choose to further the two specified federal goals violated the Constitution’s Spending Clause,” wrote Judge Sandra Ikuta, joined by Judge Jay Bybee.




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