81% of Minnesota DTMNBN Deaths Are from Nursing Homes, but Facilities Still Allowed to Admit Positive Patients

It appears that blue states and their Democratic governors have declared war on older Americans. Their chief weapon: Releasing DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) patients into nursing homes.  It’s a real killer.

Chief among the states is Minnesota.

81% of all DTMNBN deaths occur in nursing homes. Other blue states such as NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania have stopped the practice, albeit too late, but Minnesota just keeps chugging along. Minn Governor Tim Walz shows no sign of surrendering to common sense.

Why in the world would you send these ticking time bombs into facilities where the most vulnerable among us live? That’s like putting Joe Biden in charge of a facility for women who have been sexually abused.

81% is by far the highest percentage of nursing home deaths in America. Walz should resign. Either he is committing malfeasance in office or he is not aware of the problem. Either way that is not the leadership Minnesota deserves.

It will be a boon for trial lawyers as I suspect many family members of the fallen will vent their anger at the governor by suing the state for their incompetence in a veritable cornucopia of wrongful death suits.

From Breitbart News

The Star-Tribune reported the details on Thursday:

State health officials and long-term care industry representatives have defended the practice of discharging some (DTMNBN) patients to nursing homes, saying it is part of a broader strategy to conserve critical hospital beds during the pandemic. Long-term care facilities can provide treatment for (DTMNBN) patients who still need care, but have stabilized enough that they no longer require hospitalization, officials said.

So far, 11 facilities statewide have been designated as “(DTMNBN) support sites,” with separate units or wings to handle (DTMNBN) patients. These specialty sites have gone through a vetting process by the state to ensure they have adequate staffing, supplies and infection-control standards.

However, other nursing homes have been allowed to admit (DTMNBN) patients under private arrangements with hospitals. The practice is widespread. The state Department of Health has reviewed the cases of about half the patients hospitalized for (DTMNBN) statewide. The agency found that 27%, or about 268 patients, were discharged to long-term care facilities since the pandemic began.

The Minnesota Department of Health reports that as of Thursday, 663 (or 81.9 percent) out of 809 total (DTMNBN) deaths in the state were patients who became infected with (DTMNBN) while residing “in long-term care or assisted living facilities.”

On the bright side, the Democrats have finally found a war they could win, by killing granny and gramps.



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