An elderly military veteran from California said he was attacked by a man because he was wearing a MAGA hat. But that is not unusual. The left is getting more violent every day. They seem to be focusing on the elderly. The left must be afraid to attack someone capable of fighting back. They are being egged on by people like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

The man who wishes to remain anonymous told his story to KRCR TV. He says he was at the Red Bluff post office and it caught him by surprise. He said he was wearing an MAGA hat and a Back the Blue face mask when a woman said ‘We just don’t like people like you,’ The man retorted by saying, well, that just breaks my heart.

Then suddenly he got hit on the side of his head by a sucker punch delivered by aleftisyt violent man.

An elderly military veteran from California said he was attacked last week by a man for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat supporting President Donald Trump.

The man, who did not wish to be identified, described the attack to KRCR-TV. He said he was at the Red Bluff post office on Friday when he was caught completely by surprise.

The victim said he was wearing a MAGA hat and a “Back the Blue” face mask with a blue line in support of police when he was approached by two people, a man, and a woman.

“She looked at me and she goes, ‘We just don’t like people like you,'” the victim said. “[I] just kind of got shocked a little bit and said, ‘Well, that breaks my heart.'”

Shortly after those words left his mouth he got hit on the left side of his head, he stated.
“Then somehow he got me in a headlock and started pounding me on top of my head … I got blood all over the place and I’m trying to figure, you know, where’s my hat, where’s my package?”

The victim had to be taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.  A picture shows bruises and scrapes on his head. He claims to have headaches ever since the attack.

The victim said:

“I just feel kind of bad, seven years in the military, Vietnam veteran and 30-plus years in law enforcement and you’re always taught situational awareness. And this guy came out of — never saw it coming. Me was so shocked for the hate that people have, you know. Don’t hate them. I never met them. I just can’t believe they would do something like that.”

From The Blaze

This is not the first reported attack on an individual wearing a MAGA hat this year.

In February, retired New York City police Officer Daniel Sprague was celebrating his 50th birthday at a bar, wearing his hat when he says a woman spun him around and punched him in the face. The attack left him bloody.

Again in March, police said a man wearing a red hat with “Make America Great Again” written in Russian was repeatedly punched in the face during a restroom visit in Hermosa Beach, California.

The violence from the left isn’t going to stop. It will get worse between today and election day. And when President Trump wins again, you can’t expect the most violent riots we have seen to date. Antifa and BLM will hit Washington DC for the inauguration. All hell will break loose but the president could order the National Guard to quell the violence.

This is the new normal coming directly from the DNC.

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