Well, so much for the MSM claiming that no antifa members led the charge into the Capitol. and they can’t claim there is no evidence since he admitted all the things he did on a video.

He could take the Anthony Weiner approach and claim his account was hacked but then again, it didn’t work for Weiner either. Maybe call it a selectively edited video?

John Sullivan, who has some ties to antifa and BLM in Utah and runs his own group known by the name of Insurgency USA who at the Capitol on January 6th and he charged through the Capitol Building. There is a video of him right next to Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt as she was shot to death by Capitol Police. Sullivan told them he was only recording events and the police let him go with no charges.

Then Brainiac made a video where he claimed that he infiltrated Trump supporters and broke out windows in the Capitol Building. But, that makes me wonder.

He admitted breaking windows, and he was right next to Babbitt when she was killed. And remember, I am not claiming this to be fact, but was it him breaking the windows that caused the officer to fire? As of now, we don’t know all the facts.

The FBI has now corrected the error and they arrested him today. No word yet on what he has been charged with. He was arrested in his native Utah and the feds will seek extradition if Sullivan refuses to go voluntarily.

From The Gateway Pundit

Yet, in footage streamed to his followers on Discord, Sullivan, who uses the name “Jayden X” on the app, can be heard inciting violence from inside the U.S. Capitol and boasting about breaking a window.

“If we don’t get in, we’re going to burn this shit down,” he gloats. “Let’s go! This shit’s ours. Fuck yeah. I can’t believe this is reality. We accomplished this shit. We did this shit together.

“I didn’t know I hit [the window] that hard. No one got that on camera… Fuck the blue! Fuck the blue!”

This footage comes from a source who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons.

Moments after Sullivan captured Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt getting shot and killed in the Capitol, a blonde woman accompanying Sullivan who appears to be his accomplice, Jade Sacker, gleefully exclaims, “We did it!”

“You were right! We did it,” she boasts.


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  • We did not LIE we told them Antifa was Called in by Someone (NANCY) or why did she Leave the Room Before they announced it that they had to Hurry up and get out she knew ahead of time …Nancy’s Boy’s Antifa She allowed to Riot all Summer without Consequences..

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