I was just in the gym, working out, which I do—try to do—four days a week. I do some cardio—good for the heart, circulation—get the blood pumping, and then I move on to some weights. I like to weight-lift or lift weights. And I get to lifting some pretty heavy weights. The sign of progress when you’re weight-lifting is that you can increase how much weight you can lift. That’s always a good sign.

Weightlifting—Pushing Against Resistance Physically

I always like when I know I can lift more weight than I was lifting a week or two ago. That shows progress. That shows I’m gaining strength; I’m gaining muscle. It shows my consistency and my commitment is paying off—it’s paying dividends. And the dividends that I ultimately will see and notice will be in overall strength of my body and how I look. You know, instead of being a little chubby or overweight, I should look more chiseled and look like a man that my wife loves and wants to love and wants to love on.

I’ve been married 23 years. I know one thing that’s necessary in keeping the love on is keeping the attraction going as best as you can. That doesn’t mean it’s all about appearance, but I definitely want to be somebody that my wife likes to look at and feels happy that I’m taking my health…I’m taking it seriously. And ultimately, yeah, I want to be somebody that she says, “Man, he’s hot.”

Our Spirit vs. Our Soul

So I want all those things. But while I was working out today, and actually, right before I got done working out, I had this epiphany. I had this revelation, I believe. Since all of us are spirit beings, we all have a spirit that lives inside of our body as well as a soul that lives inside of our body. I believe our soul is made up of our mind, our will, and our emotions, and our spirit man is actually the part of us that is either alive, with a connection with our Creator, our Father that wants to be our daddy, or it’s covered in darkness. It’s still asleep.

And therefore, if a person is still asleep, their soul pretty much governs their body. If your spirit man is awake and alive, the things of the kingdom and the things of the spirit realm that are…that start with creation and start with you, with why you are created, and that connection is there, then there is an opposite to your spirit man, to your soul, and to your body from the opposite kingdom—the kingdom of darkness—the kingdom that wants to keep you uninformed, that wants to keep you quiet, that wants to keep you from taking progress and making…taking ground and making progress towards your journey of spiritual enlightenment, if you will.

And as we become more enlightened as to who we are as sons and daughters of God, of the Creator of the universe, the more territory we will then take from the enemy. So there is an enemy to our spiritual enlightenment.

The Reality of Resistance

And what hit me was that the enemy actually reveals himself in resistance. He will reveal himself in resistance. It hit me that, throughout my life—I was thinking about a few different things that really just kind of hit me—throughout my life, for different reasons, some of which were—a lot of which—normally were external, I’d have opportunities to attend things or to go somewhere or to be at a certain place at a certain time, based on an invitation sometimes…based on just the opportunity to be able to go there.

And throughout my life, I know that I have sensed resistance towards going to those things. Sometimes it could even be just going to church. You may recognize that resistance that happens on a Sunday morning that makes you feel like there’s everything else in the world that needs to be done and you don’t have to go that day and you can go another time.

Using that as an example, I believe that that resistance is something that we need to become aware of its presence. Because that resistance is the presence of opposition that is trying to keep us from tapping into something that God has for our lives and our destiny and our journey of spiritual enlightenment and positioning.

You know, I think of Abraham where he was asking God for direction, and the angel came and said, or God said to him, “Go that way.” That was all he said. “Go that way. Go towards that way. Start moving forward. Start walking. Start moving forward. And the angel will meet you on the way and give you further directions.”

How Resistance Manifests

I believe so often that we just need to move forward. We need to act. We need to act upon the opportunities that we’re given. We need to—and we all, most importantly—we need to learn to recognize opposition and resistance in the spiritual realm when it is happening. Sometimes, this opposition could actually manifest or it could be pushing at us from an actual person.

It could be people that are speaking. It could be people very close to you. It could be family members that also…that are sensing this opposition and they’re succumbing, or they’re siding with that opposition and they’re sharing. “Yeah, we don’t have to go to that,” or “We can go to the next one,” or “Something else will come up.”

But you also, internally—I know that I have so oftentimes internally—have felt this spiritual battle…if you will, this anxiety, this fear or anxiousness or worriness or just an uneasiness. You can call it an uneasiness that would keep me from taking action. It would keep me from moving forward.

It would keep me from going to that thing that was an opportunity to be at, and who knows what I could have received had I been there. Who knows what connection I could have received, had I gone. Who knows what opportunity may have been waiting for me or further direction may have been waiting for me if I had attended whatever it was that I was—that I had the opportunity to go to.

Again, it could be an invitation to a gathering. Maybe it’s church. Maybe it’s a conference. Maybe it’s a…you know, whatever it could be. Holy Spirit will bring—I believe God will bring—to your mind opportunities and times where you have had the opportunity to go to something or push forward into something and you chose not to.

I believe this also manifests in the world of business. I believe that there’s great opposition against those that have a kingdom mindset, that want to do great exploits for God, that want to accomplish great things for God. There’s so much opposition that comes and can come. And if we succumb to it and if we side with the fear, the anxiousness, or the worry of it not working out, or “How is it going to work out?” or “I don’t see how it’s going to work out?” and then we just don’t take action, we are then defeating our own selves.

Pushing Against Resistance Like a Weightlifter

When we can get out of our own way and when we choose to…when we can, strategically and specifically, recognize resistance when it comes our way, I believe then we can create a lifestyle of pushing against that resistance just as I do when I lift weights—just as a weightlifter does. They push. I’ve just been in the gym for an hour and a half and a majority of that time is me pushing against weights that are heavy.

It’s building…it’s pushing against the resistance in order to gain the results that I want. It’s consistently pushing against the resistance to get the gains that I want…to reach the goals that I want.

And I believe that if we create a lifestyle of pushing against the resistance that we recognize, especially from a spiritual perspective, are trying to keep us from our goals or they’re just…It’s uneasy. It’s unfamiliar to us. We don’t know what’s going to happen.

When we can push forward with faith that all things work together for good, faith that God ordains our steps, the steps of a righteous man, which were righteous because of the blood of Christ, the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.

Creating a Lifestyle of Pushing Against Opposition

When we can move forward and create a lifestyle of moving forward consistently in faith, pushing against the opposition and the resistance that continually will reveal itself, then we will create and walk in a lifestyle, and create a life, that is full of abundance.

It is full of blessing. It is full of glory. Because it is in that lifestyle of pushing against resistance that we will see the fruit of our consistency. We will achieve the goals and we will position ourselves to be able to receive the blessing that God has for us, that he wants for us, that only comes on the other side of that resistance.

Keep living life uncorked, which is living a life of pushing against the resistance. Keep moving forward.


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