During his short life and successful career, Justin Bieber has done some really bizarre things, so what he shared with his fans , while not as wild as some of his antics, is shocking to many nonetheless. So what was it that Bieber did that was so shocking? He sent his fans a picture of him reading the Bible. For many people that wouldn’t garner much attention, but considering Bieber’s history and bad boy reputation, many of his friends are probably in shock over the picture.

Photo Credit:  Instagram/Justin Bieber

After spending several years fighting and taking drugs and generally being out of control, his return to his Christian values is a welcome change. His Instagram post has gotten over nine million likes since it was posted.

From CBN News

On Dec. 29, the 23-year-old singer had posted a photo of a painting he had created that he titled “Calvary.”  He announced to his fans that he would be auctioning off the painting at a later date with proceeds from the auction going to victims of wildfires in California.

The 23-year-old has spent the last year focused on growing deeper in his Christian faith. He has been speaking to his followers about Jesus Christ using social media.  

Beiber’s Instagram bio currently includes a link to a Bible study by one of his pastor friends, Judah Smith, titled, “How’s Your Soul? Small Group Bible Study.”

From all appearances, he has made a legitimate u-turn in his life and I’m sure everyone is praying that he keeps it up.


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