Then I was also sharing with Corbin—we were talking about levels of engagement with the Father, as far as our maturity goes. She was sharing with me how she was in a place not too many months ago where she was praying about everything, literally everything—what to put on, what to eat, how many ice cubes to put in your cup—things that were, in my opinion, completely overboard.

Living with Good Intentions

A lot of people, I think, can get caught up so much in trying to hear the voice of God so clearly that they don’t take action unless they hear his voice. They wind up taking more un-action then that can’t be blessed than if they just took some action.

When she was in that place, I remember encouraging her to rest—believe, trust, and rest. Don’t side with, and don’t allow yourself to side with, anxiety…feelings of being really anxious or worried about what to do or what not to do. I remember just trying to encourage her to live good with good intentions…walk good with good intentions.

Hearing God from a Place of Peace

I appreciated the fact that she was trying to honor God and the Holy Spirit with every word she said, things she did, and deeds she did, but I encouraged her to not do that at the detriment of her peace. God is not a God of confusion, and He’s not a God of anxiety and worry and doubt. He’s a God of peace. So side with and choose to stay with that peace.

In sharing with her what I felt—how I felt she had progressed out of that—and she acknowledged that she did…she was in a place where she was full of anxiety and worry because she didn’t want to miss God. She recognized that she’d gotten out of that place and was operating with a lot more peace and freedom. And God was going to bless her heart with whatever actions that she took, knowing that she’s trying to follow Him and live a life of excellence.

The Father’s Goal

So I asked her—this 20-year-old that’s about to turn 21, that has no kids—I said, “What is the goal of any parent? I know you don’t have any kids, but what do you think the goal would be of any parent for their child?” She said, “To grow.” I said, “Yeah, exactly. You want that child to grow into a young man or woman that is going to operate at a level of excellence that you know, as a parent, you would be honored and feel honored. They’d be honored and honoring in their actions and deeds and what they do.”

“That’s the goal of the parent—to get the child to a place where that child will operate and function at a level of excellence and grace and humility on their own without having to be reprimanded or reminded or scolded or directed—that they would just operate in that place. I said, “You know, I think that is the place that we have to get to as believers in our spirit. That’s a level of maturity that we have to get to before we can get to a place where we then are co-laboring with the Father and with the kingdom.”

What Co-Laboring Looks Like

She said, “What do you mean?” I said, “Well, here’s what I believe. Here’s how I believe I co-labor with the Father, with my Daddy God, with Jesus, with the kingdom, and with the Holy Spirit. I co-labor by showing up 100%, doing what I know I can do to the best of my ability. With all my gifts and talents, I do the best job that I absolutely can. Then, if I’m co-laboring, like in a business venture, or if you’re auditioning, or if you’re writing a book, or if you’re starting a business, or you’re working with somebody—whatever it is you’re doing—if you’re co-laboring with God, if you feel like you’re co-laboring with God—which we are in everything we do—we do what we can to the best of our ability.”

“Then for those parts that we can’t do anything about, for the things that we can’t do anything about, for the things that seemingly look like they’re obstacles or challenges, or things that could slow us down or knock us off course or keep us from our goal, that is where we co-labor with heaven with our faith. We choose to side with faith and hope and trust and choose peace. That faith—that is us extending our faith out.”

I was holding one hand out as if it was my hand and my other hand out as if it was God’s hand—how we co-labor—and bringing those hands together—we co-labor with the Father and with all of heaven by us extending our faith of hope and of trust and a heart of thankfulness and resting in peace. We are extending that out to the kingdom, allowing then and giving the right frequency, if you will, for heaven to invade our circumstances and to bring the things out of the supernatural that we need in the natural. That is how we co-labor with the Father and with the kingdom and in the kingdom.

How Faith is Key to Co-Laboring

But too often, a person will do what they know they can do. They’ll show up with their abilities. They’ll show up with their skills, their talents. They’ll do what they can do and then when something in the natural slaps them in the face, like just stops them cold—if we choose to side with fear or worry or doubt, we are then canceling the faith that’s necessary to operate and co-labor with the kingdom.

Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. If we had the faith of a mustard seed, we’d say to this mountain, “Be thou removed and cast in the sea,” and it would do it. Oh, ye of little faith, why did you doubt?

It comes back down to belief, and that belief is faith, and that faith is our actions, our words, our declarations. Our declarations have to be full of peace and hope and love and rest. That is how we co-labor with the kingdom. If we create a lifestyle of that: of declaring peace and hope and love, and not speaking negativity, doubt, worry, and disbelief, we will create and walk in a lifestyle that’s full of blessing and supernatural abundance and encounters with heaven where the kingdom of heaven shows up, because you’re extending your hand of faith.

That’s the level of co-laboring with the Father, with heaven, that we should all seek to live from and live in.


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