The federal government remains in a partial shutdown at this time. Congressional Democrats refuse to negotiate border security and in particular, funding for the wall the president has said is an absolute, no-compromise requirement for a bill to fund the government and end the shutdown. President Trump has said that he is considering declaring the situation to be a national emergency in order to fund the building of a border barrier.

Of course, Democrats have taken his position and twisted it until it is utterly unrecognizable, calling it a “manufactured crisis”. In another article (shown below), I shared the video of his address to the nation from the Oval Office on Tuesday evening, and some details of just the financial issues that we face as a nation and how a barrier wall would go such a long way towards reducing the negative financial impact having a wall built. It would literally pay for itself within just a few months time after its completion.

Fact Check: Trump Is Correct, The Border Wall Will Pay For Itself [Watch The Full Address]

Now today (01/10/2019) President Trump held a roundtable in McAllen Texas that was broadcast live and can be seen in this article on Breitbart News. Watch below:

After watching this video, I really can’t understand why anyone who has paid any attention to what is going on now at our border in recent years doesn’t see that the situation has changed significantly because of the huge increase of the various criminal entities plying their wares, from drugs to sex and human trafficking to violent gang infiltration to terrorists. The list goes on.

Folks, this is NOT a “manufactured crisis”, to borrow the phrase the Left has coined. It is a very real problem, and without appropriate border security, including the building of a wall, we have a serious threat to the security and safety of the nation happening on several fronts. It cannot be allowed to continue.

I applaud President Trump taking the firm stand that he has. I believe that as soon as enough people get on board with the things he’s proposing, we will be much better off than the way things stand now. As he said in his address to the nation, we don’t build walls because we hate the people on the outside, we build them because we love the people on the inside! We need to get this program moving. Mr. President, Build That Wall!

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