Welcome to our ongoing series of articles about participants in the #WalkAway Campaign. In this article we’re introducing Anthony Brian Logan. We’ll begin by putting in some excerpts from his website:

My name is Anthony Brian Logan. I am a graphic designer by day but also a political / social issues YouTuber and blogger. I was born in a place called Rand, West Virginia in the 1980s. I grew up, primarily, in Southeastern Virginia, where I currently reside. Since a very young age, I was a very driven person with a passion for all things art, technology, and politics related.

My lifelong interests have assisted me into becoming a self-employed person. I have been a consistently working graphic designer, web designer, marketing consultant, social media marketer, SEO specialist, and print broker.

A consistent interest of mine, throughout all of my career endeavors, has been politics. My father and grandfather are, and were, heavily involved with local politics. The political interest seems to have been passed down to me. Being politically centered as a young black male creates a situation where social consciousness follows. Over the years, I garnered a small following on social media simply by sharing my views on various issues, which of course, were controversial – coming from a “black conservative.” The next natural step for me was to create a blog and YouTube account. It has enabled me to reach a larger audience and hopefully spread a positive message.

In the following video Anthony asks a series of very thought-provoking questions that everyone would do well to ask himself/herself. He in no way projects a guilt trip, but lays things out clearly and concisely, and encourages each individual to be true to their individual personal beliefs, independent of any “tribe” or ideology. Listen:

I believe this is by far not the last time we’ll hear more from Anthony, as he has aligned himself with David J. Harris Jr., as well as many others who continue to reach out to all Democrats, encouraging them to “come off the plantation.”

You can follow Anthony on Facebook, and on Twitter as well.

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