The crazy Left is now praising how a male-to-female transgender individual who was given the drug domperidone which is a U.S.-banned drug used to induce lactation and to breastfeed his child solely.

The Bustle’s Romper reported that “It’s a dream come true.”

According to Romper, “Thanks to the work on induced lactation in Transgender women by Dr. Tamar Reisman and nurse practitioner and program manager Zil Goldstein at the Mt. Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, a Transgender mother was not only able to breastfeed her child, but to be the baby’s exclusive food source for its first six weeks of life.”

Here are the “outcomes” of the case report:

“A 30-year-old transgender woman who had been receiving feminizing hormone therapy for the past six years presented to our clinic with the goal of being able to breastfeed her adopted infant. After implementing a regimen of domperidone, estradiol, progesterone, and breast pumping, she was able to achieve sufficient breast milk volume to be the sole source of nourishment for her child for six weeks. This case illustrates that, in some circumstances, modest but functional lactation can be induced in transgender women.”

The transgender individual was capable of breastfeeding the child for the first six weeks and then supplemented breast milk with formula until the baby was six months of age.

So, are researchers even contemplating the health and wellbeing of the child in question while the left is pushing for Americans to give transgender certain “rights?” Now there is an innocent child that is possibly at risk of the drug’s severe and potentially deadly side effects.

The Romper went on to report that, “While Reisman and Goldstein’s patient took her dose [of domperidone] orally, the FDA is reportedly still worried about the possible effects of domperidone on infants, since the drug is passed through breast milk.”

Since 2004, the FDA has been banned Domperidone in the U.S. According to

“The serious risks associated with domperidone include cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, and sudden death. These risks are related to the blood level of domperidone, and higher levels in the blood are associated with higher risks of these events. Concurrent use of certain commonly used drugs, such as erythromycin, could raise blood levels of domperidone and further increase the risk of serious adverse cardiac outcomes.”

This has to be considered a form of child abuse. What has this society come to when it is okay to put a child’s health at risk so that a dad can breastfeed to feel better about himself? Is this what the Left is pushing these days in the name of progressivism? They will probably call the God-fearing conservatives bigots that hate transgender people for not supporting this issue.



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