Sarah Sanders is the BOSS! I just can’t believe Jim Acosta has so much of an ego that he thinks he can torpedo her. She barely even blinks when she slips the blade between his ribs after one of his attempts at verbal fencing. He tries so hard at one-upping her with some kind of trick question, but she’s obviously read the Democrat playbook, so his challenges hit the floor like a football with no air in it.


Source: Western Journal

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders had another hostile encounter with CNN’s Jim Acosta Wednesday in the White House briefing room.

Acosta was questioning Sanders about President Donald Trump’s rally last night.

“It was pretty obvious the president was mocking Christine Blasey Ford,” Acosta said. “‘How did you get home? I don’t remember. How did you get there? I don’t remember. Where is this place? I don’t remember.’ He seemed to be, to the delight of the crowd there in Mississippi, mocking her repeatedly.

“Isn’t there something wrong with the president of the United States mocking somebody who says she was sexually assaulted?”

“It seemed to me that he was stating facts that Dr. Ford herself laid out in her testimony,” Sanders said. “Once again, every single word that Judge Kavanaugh has said has been looked at, examined, picked apart by most of you in this room, but no one is looking at whether or not the accusations are corroborated, whether or not there’s evidence to support them.

“Every person that she named has come out and said either they didn’t recall it, or it didn’t happen or they weren’t there.”

Sanders called on another reporter, but Acosta interrupted her.

“Are you saying Judge Kavanaugh is the victim in all this?” he asked.

“I think both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh are victims at the hands of the Democrats,” Sanders responded quickly. “I think it is absolutely disgraceful what they have done. They exploited Dr. Ford and all of the women who have come out to make any type of accusation.

“Certainly, everyone deserves to be heard, including Judge Kavanaugh,” she added.

Sanders then called on another reporter, but Acosta interrupted.

“You don’t have any problem defending his comments from last night?” he asked.“I don’t have any problem stating facts,” Sanders said. “I know that’s something you probably do have a problem with, but I don’t.”

She dishes out such amazing verbal backhands! And Acosta continues blundering and blustering his way onward into every trap he digs for himself. It must be a liberal thing to be so mindlessly clueless.

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