The following action alert was sent to David J. Harris Jr. via email. It contains some information I find very encouraging! I will admit I felt a bit let down when the election results came back with the loss of the House of Representatives to the Democrats, but this news perked up my ears.

Dear David,

Yesterday was in important day for the country. Like you, FRC Action PAC was excited to see some strong Conservatives added to the U.S. Senate. While it was disappointing to see some Conservatives lose their House races, overall there were some very positive outcomes yesterday.

In our continued effort to help elect candidates who will stand for faith, family, and freedom, we want to share some encouraging results with you. This election FRC Action PAC endorsed 202 such candidates  the highest number we’ve ever endorsed in a single election. We are excited to report that 85% of these candidates won (with 7 races still too close to call).

U.S. Senate

There were some very significant gains in the U.S Senate and this should lead to an even more conservative majority in the upper chamber. Going into Election Day, the GOP held a slim 51-49 majority. After the Election, the GOP has won 51 seats, is leading in Arizona and Florida, and is well-positioned to win the Mississippi run-off later this month. FRC Action PAC was proud to be able to support 15 U.S. Senate candidates — including incoming senators Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee, Josh Hawley in Missouri, Mike Braun in Indiana, and Kevin Cramer in North Dakota. Each of them won their first term to the U.S. Senate yesterday — and three did so by knocking off incumbents.

Marsha Blackburn established a strong pro-life record while serving in the U.S. House. She didn’t just vote the right way, she led the fight to stand for life and hold abortion giant Planned Parenthood accountable when the Center for Medical Progress videos came out exposing their gruesome business practices. Kevin Cramer defeated Senator Heidi Heitkamp. Among her many bad votes was one against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child protection Action which would ban abortions after 5 months — the point at which science tells us unborn babies can feel pain. Both Senator-elect Blackburn and Senator-elect Cramer have received 100% “True Blue” scores on the FRC Action scorecard for their votes impacting faith, family, and freedom.

We were excited to support Washington, D.C. newcomers Josh Hawley and Mike Braun. Both ran on strong pro-family, pro-life platforms. Josh Hawley has been a champion for religious liberty as State Attorney General and previously worked to defend high-profile religious liberty cases at the Supreme Court. Mike Braun exposed incumbent Joe Donnelly for claiming to be pro-life. Senator Donnelly openly supports taxpayer funding of abortion-giant Planned Parenthood.

U.S. House

169 of our endorsements were in the U.S. House. While the Democrats managed to take control of the chamber, we still saw a high number of solid Conservatives win. In addition to supporting many True Blue House members who received a 100% on the FRC Action Scorecard, we were also proud to support a new class of incoming conservative champions like Mark Harris in North Carolina, Russ Fulcher in Idaho, and Mark Green in Tennessee.


Overall, FRC Action PAC endorsed 18 candidates at the state level. FRC Action PAC-backed candidates won in some key, hotly contested races. We supported Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor — a crucial battleground state. He was a True Blue award recipient while in Congress. He won by less than one point. We also supported Mike DeWine in the battleground state of Ohio. He won by four points.

We are grateful for your support of FRC Action PAC which makes efforts like these possible. These next two years will be critical for our country, and we are grateful for the important role you play in advancing the values we hold dear.

For America,

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. Boykin
Executive Vice President
Family Research Council Action

Source: FRC Action

The more I look at the election results, and the more reports I hear from sources I trust, the more optimism I feel. In the long run, this turn of events may very well result in a major turnaround for the country. The fiasco that took place during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings exposed the Senate Democrats for the ruthless, hateful, power-hungry bunch they are, and they lost ground when the final vote tally came in.

The House losses were normal enough for a midterm election in similar circumstances, but they are in a ticklish position because if they start stirring the pot now they might just get themselves in even more hot water than the Senate did. That would be fine with me, especially if there are more pro-life, pro-family, pro-anything-positive candidates that agree with President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda take over seats vacated by corrupted career Democrats. Overall, I think we should consider this all good news.

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