Kenjon Barner is a running back for the Carolina Panthers. He played college football for the University of Oregon and received All-American honors. He was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the sixth round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Barner has also played for the Los Angeles Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles. He is an NFL Champion.

Kenjon has other credentials besides that of Super Bowl winner. He majored in Criminology in college, and he is working to help foster better relationships between police and the black community. Below is an account of a recent training session in which he participated with the Corona, CA police department.

It has become common knowledge that there are huge problems in the black community. Among the issues are black-on-black crime. The MSM pumps up the isolated incidents of black criminals vs. white cops (Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson MO comes to mind), but all you have to do is look at what’s happening in Chicago, such as a recent weekend on which we reported recently, to see the truth. Kenjon is actively working to try to change things for the better. He has certainly demonstrated by example that with hard work and a good attitude, a man CAN achieve great success! Good job, Kenjon!

More of the story is here at Patriotic Express:

NFL players have made a point to demonize America’s police officers by claiming they’re “oppressed” by them and act as if cops are minority-killing cyborgs. It’s quite ridiculous, to say the least.

But one NFL player recently had a moment that changed his perspective on everything and it’s a story worth telling…

And from the Carolina Panthers:

When you represent the shield, whether that be for the NFL or local police, you’re subject to generalizations.

Kenjon Barner knows what that’s like as a running back going into his sixth year in the NFL.

“When you get those few bad apples – just like they do with athletes – everybody is grouped together,” Barner said. “Not every cop is a bad cop. Not every cop is a good cop.”

Barner, like so many of us, has been affected by the images of police brutality he’s seen on the news. It made him want to learn more about the difficult decisions police officers face.

“What we all see are the situations where someone loses their life,” Barner said. “It’s in those situations where everybody forms an opinion based off what they see – without ever really taking the time to see what it’s like on the opposite side.”

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A few weeks back I had the opportunity to go on a ride along with the @coronapd and what an experience it was. I was put through a series of different simulations, that put me in positions where I had to make "life and death" decisions with little to no time to think. I was also able to be apart of a number of traffic stops and witness the interaction between civilians and law enforcement. I know not everyone is able to have this experience but if you are I would advise you to do so. place yourself on the other side to gain a better understanding of what a cop potentially goes through. Not every cop is good nor is every cop bad, but in order to bridge the gap both law enforcement and community have to step outside of ourselves and try to see things from the others point of view and have open dialogue! Thank you to my guy @rozzyrikrael and @coronapd for allowing me to come have great conversation and a great experience! #Bridgethegap

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He’s also a partner in a clothing company called HATED. The word “Hated” is actually an acronym: “Having Ambition Towards Everything Desired.” It comes from a partnership Kenjon shares with two of his best friends, Joseph and Jonathan of the Hated clothing line. Kenjon is part of the marketing team. From their About page comes this quote: Overall, the team has two goals: to chase our dreams and to stay “Hated” everyday! We want to give people who have ever felt mistreated or have ever been told that they can’t do anything to be inspired by our brand.

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