How do you turn a hostage release into a negative? I don’t know, but the left has been doing it all over the media. Stephen Colbert must be seething at the prospect of more Trump winning because he’s especially vile in the cheap shots he hurls at the president and the first lady.

Breitbart highlights the worst examples of Colbert’s vitriol.

Late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert said on Thursday that like the Americans recently freed from prison in North Korea, First Lady Melania Trump is a hostage “hoping to be freed” from her husband, President Donald Trump.

Colbert made the comments during his opening monologue on Late Night With Stephen Colbert, hours after President Trump secured the release of three American prisoners who had been held captive in North Korea.

“I give the president a lot of the business, I hit him with the zingers, but it’s nice when you see good things happen in Trump’s America,” Colbert said. “For instance, early this morning, the three American hostages freed by North Korea landed safely in the United States. That’s great news.”

“The president was there to meet the freed men — along with Melania, who is hoping to be freed next,” Colbert added. “It’s too long. Too long.”

This clown has become one of the biggest slanderers of the president since his election. And it’s so obvious that he can’t get beyond his political bias, to celebrate the release of political hostages, it’s a wonder his rating haven’t dropped through the floor.


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