Macy’s now going to offer a Muslim-friendly fashion line that will feature hijabs and modest clothing. This shows how Macy’s is tolerant and willing to promote a very oppressive culture. They plan to start selling the Muslim fashion line on February 15.

Recently there have been several social media and news reports displaying Iranian women removing their hijabs publicly in objection of a law that demands them to wear headscarves According to reports, a woman in Tehran who openly removes her hijab in protest could be placed in prison ten years.

For the Girls of Revolution Street, the hijab has been the leading cause of the protests. In Iran, women are forced to wear the head covering by law and have been removing them and waving them as flags to protest against the state-mandated law.

Nasrin Sotoudeh, a human-rights lawyer in Tehran, told reporters, “The message is very clear and very specific—that women want to be able to choose if they wear hijab or not. This is a civil-disobedience movement. Women know what the laws of the land say about hijab, and, based on that, they chose to protest.”

According to Fox News, Macy’s will be working with Verona Collection, a modern Islamic clothing boutique. Lisa Vogl, who runs the company, was a 2017 graduate of Macy’s business development program for minorities and women.

Verona’s website states, “Verona Collection was simply an idea, that was conceptualized by a single mom who had converted to Islam in 2011. After embracing Islam, she had a stark realization: modest and fashionable clothing were both hard to acquire and difficult to afford. After doing a bit of research, she realized that many other women, both Muslim and non-Muslim, felt the same way.”

Vogl said in a news release that Verona is “more than a clothing brand.”

She continued by stating, “It’s a platform for a community of women to express their personal identity and embrace fashion that makes them feel confident on the inside and outside.”

It seems that Macy’s is the first major department store to support the hijab culture. The other brands like Nike, American Eagle, and Mattel, have also started catering to Muslims. An ad for Nike with a hijab states that designers “placed a signature Nike Swoosh just above the left ear to highlight the hijab’s pinnacle performance nature.”

Even Mattel has a Barbie with a that was modeled after Muslim Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, and the company advertises the doll as “empowering” for young girls. When she was a young woman in Maplewood, New Jersey, she was forced by her parents to keep covered at all times, even when she was playing volleyball and softball teams for her school.

Teen Vogue has also endorsed a denim hijab given to them by American Eagle. An article on Teen Vogue’s website stated, “It’s a new age for the fashion industry in becoming more accepting of hijabs and people’s choice to wear them.”


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