CNN is solidly on track to maintain its leadership in the Fake News lineup. From we have this story:

CNN reversed order of deaths in Hamas attack, ‘manipulating’ news item to make it appear that Israel struck first, says Foreign Ministry.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry chastised the Cable News Network (CNN) over the weekend, after the network released a news brief which appeared to reverse the order of events in the latest clashes between Israel and the Hamas terror organization.

On Friday, terrorists operating out of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip opened fire on Israeli soldiers stationed on the border, killing 20-year-old Givati Brigade Staff Sergeant Aviv Levi.

In response to the terror attack, Israeli fighter jets pounded Hamas positions inside the Gaza Strip, hitting roughly 60 different terror targets in the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave. A day later, Gaza-based terrorists breached the Israeli border fence, prompting the IDF to shell a Hamas observation post in the Strip.

But a news brief by CNN International on Saturday presented the events in reverse order, and made no mention that the Israeli airstrikes had been in direct response to the Hamas attack.

“Israel says one of its tanks targeted a Hamas military post in Gaza Saturday in retaliation for a border fence breach, one day after violence that left four Palestinians, including three Hamas militants, and an Israeli soldier dead,” CNN International wrote.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon responded via Twitter to the CNN news brief, accusing the media outlet of “manipulation”.

“No @cnni !!! You got it wrong and not for the first time – an Israeli soldier was killed by #Hamas and #IDF retaliated, protecting its country and citizens against murderous terrorists. By misrepresenting the facts you manipulate against #Israel! @cnni- STOP YOUR MANIPULATION !”

While CNN made no official response to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Nahshon vowed that the ministry would confront media agencies which “deliberately distort events taking place in Israel,” Nahshon told Yediot Ahronot.

“We will respond to every distorted headline and demand its immediate correction.”

In another article there was commentary about Chris Cuomo at CNN, and how he deliberately interjects reversals into President Trump’s tweets to flip the listener’s beliefs to match his own anti-Trump bias. In this article it becomes obvious that this practice is a worldwide problem. CNN’s USA reporters are anti-Trump, and CNN International reporters are anti-Israel.

That brings up an interesting point (if you choose to believe the Biblical view). Genesis 12:3 reads “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”[NKJV] CNN, take note. I think back to the 6-day war in June of 1967. Messing with Israel is like poking a fighting bull…you mess with the bull, you get the horn! I wouldn’t care to be on the pointy end of Israel’s horn. Throughout history they have demonstrated the resolve to do whatever it takes to survive. Don’t expect that to change.

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