Andrew Gillum is Florida’s Soros-funded candidate for the next governor of Florida. With Hurricane Michael bearing down on the city of Tallahassee, he did a classic Democrat deflect-and-distract ploy after President Trump was in town to support the Republican candidate, Ron DeSantis. Now that I’m used to looking at the tactics, it’s so easily spotted that it almost makes me yawn. It’s as if we were watching a quarterback call a play, and seeing an alert and educated defense knock the drive into the ground.

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With polls suggesting his campaign is slowing with less than a month to go, Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum took to social media to attack President Donald Trump in hopes of adding a spark.

The president was in Florida on Monday, speaking at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Convention in Orlando, and he mentioned the “corruption” probe by the FBI in the city of Tallahassee, where Gillum has been serving as mayor.

Trump, who called Republican candidate Ron DeSantis “a winner,” did not mention Gillum by name in an interview with ABC affiliate WFTV, as he spoke of “tremendous corruption and tremendous crime” in the city.

“If you look at what is going on with corruption in that area, his opponent has a lot of problems and I don’t know if they talk about those problems, but I will,” he said.

“[DeSantis’] opponent runs an area and a city that’s got among the worst statistics in the country and certainly in the state,” Trump added.

“If his [DeSantis’] opponent gets elected, you’ll have Venezuela — Florida will become another Venezuela, and that is not good.”

Meanwhile, Hurricane Michael churns in the Gulf of Mexico, with a projected landfall near Tallahassee sometime Wednesday evening, and Gillum took advantage of this to imply that mentioning a corruption investigation in his city is off limits.

Lost in the mix is that Trump was talking about the city’s performance under Gillum, which includes a high crime rate.

Given the controversy over the last storm to hit Tallahassee, Hurricane Hermine in 2016, which left much of the city in the dark for days while the city turned away help from Florida Power and Light utility crews, it’s interesting that Gillum sees this as a winning pivot.

But then, Gillum and his media allies are hard at work capitalizing on the pending storm — with and without rolled up sleeves:

Democrats depend on the ignorance of the public to be able to run their schemes, and conservatives have to make it their job to get people’s awareness so they can see through the subterfuge of the Democrat game plan. That’s what we try to do every day here at We do our best to bring you news that will shine the light of truth on the darkness of the Democrats’ schemes. Please take a moment to share the articles you find here with everyone you talk to or engage with on social media.

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