Since day one, President Trump has made a practice of consistently honoring those who are serving and have served in the military, and makes a point of paying his respects to those who have gone on before us. Sometimes (perhaps at the slight consternation of his protection detail) is his habit of going places and doing those kinds of things without preamble or advance notice. Today he made a surprise visit to Arlington National Cemetery to join volunteers for an organization called “Wreaths Across America”.

More from The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump made an unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday to honor America’s fallen as thousands across the country laid wreaths on veterans’ graves.

Trump paid his respects as volunteers for ‘Wreaths Across America‘ waited in long lines to place a Christmas wreath on the tombs of America’s greatest heroes. The event, which is held every December, aims to “remember, honor, and teach” about those who served, and perished, fighting for America’s freedom. In addition to Arlington National Cemetery, Wreaths Across America Day is observed at more than 1,400 cemeteries in all 50 states, as well as at sea and abroad.

Trump praised Wreaths Across America organizers and the volunteers for their dedicated and honorable work in the gloomy weather.

“They do a great job, a really great job,” Trump said during his visit. “Thank you.”

Source: The Daily Caller

Being a veteran myself, I am particularly pleased with the kind of attention the president gives to all service people, whether military or other first-responder types. He makes his gestures of appreciation so spontaneously that it’s obvious he really does love our servicemen and servicewomen, and I have no doubt he’s very popular with a great many of the active-duty types. Being a retired vet, I know a few other retirees who vent their liberal frustrations with the president, but I don’t argue with them at this point in life. I just smile and go on, and join with those who root for him whenever I hear him talk about his plans to Make America Great Again!

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