The Black and inner-city communities are hit the hardest from the impact of illegal immigration. Illegals don’t head to the upper-middle-class neighborhoods to try to fit in, they head to the poorer areas and bring their crime and drugs with them. Then the ones that want to work, begin taking jobs that Americans would have received. Candace Owens understands this and has risen in popularity due to her ability to read through the lies and decipher the bullcrap. She’s now being singled out by name as an exceptional, amazing leader by the greatest president in modern history, our current commander-in-chief, Donald J. Trump. We have a recent video of her speaking to a crowd gathered in Washington, D.C.

Source: Breitbart Facebook

Candace really hits the nail on the head here. She is but one voice among many black Americans who have come to realize that the only thing the Democrats have wanted from the black community for many decades is their vote. The good news is, due to the efforts of Candace and others like her, more and more are doing what I call the #WalkAway Shuffle from the Democrat party as the light of that reality dawns on them.

One thing is absolutely certain. Many recent events have really shined the light on the treachery inside the Democrat party. Beginning with the 2016 election, the rhetoric of hate and division has no parallel. It’s quite scary, really, because things have deteriorated to the point where conservatives have to be on their guard just to go out to a restaurant to have a bite to eat! The risk of being attacked by Antifa or some other unhinged radically-twisted mental case is now a real threat!

The lunacy MUST stop! The upcoming midterm election is almost upon us. Every patriotic American must get out and cast a vote for every Republican candidate on their respective ballots. One thing we know for sure. To allow Democrats to achieve a majority in any way is a recipe for absolute disaster. On the national level, they have already promised to repeal tax cuts, roll out a full reinstatement of Obamacare and more, and wide open borders for an unlimited invasion of our country. The New World Order will be ushered in with great glee, and the USA as we know it today will go down like the proverbial lead balloon.

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