The liberal posture favoring Pro-Choice has dominated the political landscape for many years. Many arguments have been aired on both sides of the spectrum, literally for decades. Abortion of unborn babies has become a mainstream practice, with Planned Parenthood at the tip of the spear. The pro-life side of the argument pressed by conservatives and Christians is that the life of a child starts at the instant of conception. The video we have here comes down on the side of pro-life.  According to the account accompanying this video, the mother died at the time the child was born. Based on his size, he appears to be several months old. Watch his little face.


We have countless recorded instances in which various animals recognize their people, even after many years of separation. The joy the animals express at the reunion is frequently quite tear-jerking. If dogs, they leap, they bark, they run in circles, and in some cases have been seen to literally fall all over themselves because they are so overjoyed to be with the one they love. Any animal lover will be able to relate to similar homecoming scenes, although dogs seem to be the most wildly expressive.

The little guy is fussy, and even though there are several people with him that love him, it’s not until he hears his mother’s heartbeat coming from the chest of the man to whom the heart was given that he settles down. The happiness in the child’s eyes is very obvious. He recognized his mother’s heartbeat even though it was in a MAN’S body! It seems obvious that the mother loved him while he was still inside the womb because of the way he looks into the eyes of the man who now has his mama’s heart. That familiar heartbeat was music to his ears! And NObody (typically) can comfort a baby the way his mother can.

I have no doubt this presents a VERY strong argument on the side of the pro-life side of the discussion. The imprint of the mother’s heartbeat rhythm is indelibly etched in the baby’s memory since he was a mere couple of inches away from it for nearly a year. He knew it intimately. It was closer to him than even her voice.

With the advent of modern technology, there is an abundance of evidence that life DOES begin at the instant of conception, and to terminate the life by any means other than a miscarriage is, in a nutshell, murder. Does that seem harsh? I think it’s time to jerk the slack out of political correctness and call a spade the shovel that it is.

I was blessed to get a sneak peek at David’s new book pictured below and in it, he speaks directly to the issue of abortion, and how different his life would be if certain people in his life had been aborted instead of allowed to live. The viral video in which he aired his concerns and beliefs on the subject during the 2016 election cycle was the spark that ignited his current campaign to free people from the clutches of the destructive practice of abortion and from the confines of the liberal “plantation” in which millions of people are imprisoned.

Having said all of that, I want to make yet another appeal. PLEASE share the information you learn from the articles you find on this site. The upcoming election is being called by many the most important one in the history of our nation. Democrats are pulling every kind of dirty trick imaginable to steal the control of the country. Regardless of past political preferences, for the sake of the life of our country, everyone MUST get with the program and VOTE RED in November. The USA is in grave danger of extinction if we allow it to be placed in the hands of the liberal radicals whose primary goal is to control all the money and all the power, ultimately of the entire world by implementing the New World Order. Choose LIFE.

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