It’s time for some challenging questions to be asked. They seem self-evident, but it seems the mainstream media is avoiding the discussion.  Why is it that every time I see an account like the one I’m sharing here, it’s always Democrats and their supporters pulling this kind of stunt? Why is it acceptable to lie and cheat for the sake of winning? Don’t they have any clue as to what the real consequences might be for cheating their way into power? How can we trust an elected official to do the right thing if they cheated their way into office in the first place? Once again we have another account of Democrats deliberately working an angle to artificially inflate the impression of a candidate’s suitability based on supposed popularity.

Source: I Love My Freedom

A leaked audio bit has been discovered and shared on social media that exposes a busload of liberal protesters/activists being warned that they may not tell anyone on social media how they arrived at their location. They were reportedly traveling from NYC to upper New York, a more conservative town. They were en route to support the Antonio Delgado campaign. He’s running for Congress in New York’s 19th Congressional district and the race against incumbent Rep. John Faso is tight.

The leaked audio from the busload of liberals completely legitimizes the theory that protesters and activists are constantly bussed in to disrupt and outnumber conservative voices, or just to increase numbers at Democrat events so it looks like a candidate has more support than they really do.

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It turns out that Faso was right.  Isn’t that amazing? Who would have thought the Democrats would stoop to such a low level? I mean, after all, they are the party of tolerance and inclusiveness…as long as it goes their way! I thought they were the ones taking the “high road”. It’s disgusting to me. It really is time for conservatives to get up and get in the fight. The opposition is in an all-out war to get control of our country, and they MUST be shut down! If the Democrats get back in control of the country we will be in a fast downhill slide to a cross between Venezuela and Iran. We must get out there and VOTE RED in November. The life of our country literally depends on it.

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