Billionaires with funds to waste. What a deal! That is unless you see the place they’re wasting it. They’re throwing tons of cash at liberal candidates’ campaign funds with the hope of generating a Blue Wave in the upcoming election cycle. Personally, I have never had the kind of money where I could afford to just toss millions of dollars at a pipe dream. I barely have enough to pay the expenses of daily existence. Maybe I should ask them to “waste” a couple million dollars on my bank account. I could do something a lot more helpful with it than throwing it away on the subversive, treasonous, seditious anti-American agenda the Democrats are championing.

Source: Fox News

Liberal billionaires are throwing hundreds of millions of dollars behind the Democratic Party in the upcoming midterm election in November, raising questions whether the so-called “blue wave” is really a grassroots effort that activists led many to believe.

Hundreds of Democrats in this election cycle came out against the influence of America’s super-rich. “We’ve got people; they’ve got money,” New York Democratic socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who won against top Democrat Joe Crowley earlier this year, declared in a campaign ad.

Many progressive candidates have since followed suit, making the pledge not to take money from the PACs financed by the ultra-rich, while simultaneously slamming Republicans for continuing, in their view, to rely on the multi-million dollar support from the rich.

But as Democrats shun direct donations from the billionaires, they pour hundreds of millions into groups aimed at mobilizing voters and running ads against their political opponents.

The Fox News article has much more detail than I have room to share here, but below is the list of the five liberal billionaires of the headline. See the full article with all the details here.

Tom Steyer

Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer is gearing up to spend at least $110 million this election cycle in a bid to push the Democratic Party leftward and unseat dozens of Republicans.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, is also becoming the leading donor of Democrats and their efforts to retake the control in Washington.

Earlier this summer, Bloomberg announced his intentions to infuse U.S. House races with $80 million backing various Democrats.

Donald Sussman

Donald Sussman, a billionaire hedge fund manager, is among the top Democratic donors in the 2018 election cycle.

He donated nearly $20 million to various Democratic outside groups, including House Majority PAC and Senate Majority PAC (SMP) which aim to retake the U.S. House and Senate from Republicans.

James Simons

James Simons, the co-founder of Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund generally associated with the conservative Mercer family that heavily donates to Republican candidates, is another billionaire playing a key role in the 2018 midterm elections.

Simons, despite outspending his counterpart billionaire Robert Mercer during the 2016 presidential election, largely avoided the media scrutiny over his influence.

In 2017, he was criticized for spending decades building an offshore fortune of over $8 billion in Bermuda, a tax haven, the Guardian reported. Though progressive Democrats often rail against tax avoidance by the richest, Simons’ donations continue to be welcomed by Democrats.


Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, is one of Silicon Valley’s top donors to the Democrats. While compared to other billionaires, Hoffman’s donations aren’t as big – a mere $7 million this election cycle – his influence spans beyond contributions to Democratic PACs.

Last month, it was revealed that Hoffman is a key financial backer of a progressive digital-media startup MotiveAI that was behind outlandish ads on Facebook targeting various demographics, the Daily Beast reported.

The firm is behind a network of companies that spent money on advertisements such as praising Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, with an ad saying she makes “us want to go Democrat” and calling her “hot.”

So there you have it. We have a tough pull ahead of us with so much cash combined with a complicit mainstream media in the mix to push the left’s candidates. It’s amazing that the big money still won’t accept the wake-up call given to them by the patriotic Americans who elected Donald Trump! Try as they might, they can’t muzzle him. He has a knack for connecting to Real Americans from every walk of life. All a person has to do is look at the huge crowds he draws at every rally. He loves the people, and the people love him back in throngs!

With the election just around the corner, it’s very very important for all conservatives to get in the boat and paddle for all we’re worth to get the conservative candidates put into office. President Trump has a full head of steam up, and the train is running as fast as he can push it, but he can’t do it without our help. Please share these articles from with as many as possible. We have to get people to open their eyes to the mess the Democrat party has sunk into, and the fabric of our existence is in danger of being torn asunder if the Democrats get their candidates back into the seats of power. We want to Keep America Great!

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