Trump Speaks At Launch Of ‘Black Voices For Trump’ In Atlanta, Georgia

President Donald Trump is in Atlanta, Georgia for the launch of “Black Voices for Trump” where he will join Vice President Mike Pence for the event which is taking place one year out from the 2020 election.

The president is talking about his record for supporting the black community in America, and it’s a pretty strong record to run on, even though it’s been very underrated by the Fake News media.

Our own David Harris Jr is on the board, and trust me, unlike Hunter Biden, he has all the experience in the world for this job.


The president will deliver remarks at the World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta around 3 pm Friday in an effort to broaden support from black voters.

David Harris Jr is there and ready to roll.

About 8 percent of black voters cast their ballot for Trump in 2016, and his approval rating now is at 10 percent according to a recent Quinnipiac poll.  That’s primarily because Democrats, the Left, and Fake News all lie about Trump being a racist, even though no racist would have ever accomplished what Trump has done for the black community.  They lie about the president because the black vote is a huge constituency for the Democratic Party and they don’t want to lose is.

WATCH Trump Speak:

“I think that I’m going to get a tremendous percentage of votes from the African Americans,” Trump told reporters Sunday on the South Lawn of the White House.

Trump boasted that he had “the best unemployment numbers in the history of our country for African Americans.”

He also touted his administration’s efforts on criminal justice.

“Without me, you don’t have criminal justice reform. And that was for African Americans more than anybody else. So I think my standing in the African American community is maybe the best,” he added.

Of course, the president was talking about signing the First Step Act, which gives prisoners a second chance in life by being released from prison to resume their lives with their families and loved ones.

Georgia will be a key state in 2020 in the national landscape as Trump only won the state by 5.1%. Both Senate seats in Georgia are held by Republicans, and both will be on the ballot in November.

The Trump campaign is trying to reach out to black voters to let them know how hard this president has worked for them.  Trump campaigned on targeting the black community, and he has achieved the lowest unemployment rate for blacks and Hispanics ever recorded.  Many don’t know this, though, because the Left constantly lies about his record.

“Black Voices for Trump” will be a “national effort to mobilize and empower black Americans” to help spread the president’s message of “Promises Made, Promises Kept,” according to a statement by Katrina Pierson, a senior campaign adviser who is helping organize the coalition.


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