Trump Celebrates MAGA Tech Giants With Market Caps Over $1 Trillion – Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump celebrated the top tech giants now having market caps over a trillion dollars and showed the world that the initials of the companies spelled MAGA, his favorite acronym which stands for Make America Great Again.

Referring to them as The Trillion $ Club, Trump said, “And we have four trillion-dollar companies, one is Microsoft, one is Apple, one is Google, one is Amazon,” Trump said. “So you have an M, you have an A, you have a G, you have an A — You have MAGA.”

The president lauded the success of tech companies after signing the Supporting Veterans in STEM Careers Act in the Oval Office on Tuesday.

Of course, companies like Microsoft and Google are filled at the top with left-wing political hacks who are right now going out of their way to harm Trump’s reelection efforts by changing algorithms on their platforms and search engines to silence conservative Trump supporters’ voices on social media.

Trump held up a sheet of paper with letters representing MAGA for the top tech companies, with each one going down the page.  He joked with Fox News’ John Roberts saying he should report it on the news network.

“You better report that tonight on Fox, that great Fox,” he said. “Not what it used to be, John, but it’s still pretty good. Not like the old days, John. They put more Democrats on Fox now than they put Republicans, but that’s ok.”

The president then bragged about the stock market reaching record highs during his presidency.

“In the United States, the market is setting a record, we set another record today, it will be the 144th time in a three year period that I’m president,” Trump said.

Trump mentioned that a higher stock market translates into more jobs and better returns for your 401k account.

“That’s what it means to me,” he said. “To other people, it means other things, but it means we have a great economy.”

The Trump economy is soaring enough to make any president proud, and his opponents rage with envy.  In fact, Trump’s economy is so good that most people laugh at the 2020 contenders on the Democrat side who give speeches trying to convince voters that the Trump economy is just awful.

Through a combination of reversing many Obama-era regulations and rules, to renegotiating disastrous trade deals that span back decades, to cutting regulations and tax rates, the economy is doing better now, thanks to Trump, than any other time in our nation’s history.  The most important slogan from the Trump camp is “Promises made.  Promises Kept.”


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