Stacey Abrams for VP Because Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, and Sometimes You Don’t

Stacey Abrams these days is the talk of the DC swamp because progressive Democrats are throwing her name around, practically warning Joe Biden that Donald Trump will crush him unless he picks a progressive black female as his running mate.  I’m sorry, I meant THAT progressive black female, in particular.

The Georgia gubernatorial loser has the distinct honor of being an annoying, less-than-stable person when it comes to dealing with her last election loss.  It was almost as ridiculous as Hillary Clinton dealing with her epic loss to Trump.

Abrams has one other distinction to add to her resume: she is one of the most absurd potential presidential running mate possibles ever, and I hope to God that Biden picks her.

Trying to leverage a failed gubernatorial run onto a national Democratic ticket is so incredibly stupid that it denies belief in a Benevolent Being.

Abrams’ biggest claim to fame in the state legislature was bill HB 731 that banned so-called “assault weapons,” and staged a future assault on gun confiscation in Georgia, which focused on  “…dangerous instrumentalities and practices” by prohibiting the “possession, sale, transport, distribution, or use of certain assault weapons, large-capacity magazines, armor-piercing bullets, and incendiary .50 caliber bullets.”

She was an anti-gun nut, which will not go over well in pro-gun states, which, by the way, is most of them.

The modern-day Democratic Party is not about the best person for the job, regardless of race, creed, gender, color, etc. They are all about firsts. The first black president. The first woman president. Even little firsts matter to them, like the first woman presidential campaign manager to win a presidential election. Oh, wait. No, that was Kellyanne Conway who ran and won Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, so that doesn’t matter. Like I said, firsts are important to Democrats, not the people who made the actual achievements.

The 46-year-old female African-American progressive activist isn’t one to be constrained by standard political practice or even living in reality. She refused to concede her clear 2018 gubernatorial loss, instead, having a temper tantrum that she was robbed by an enormous voter-suppression scheme.

Voter suppression is the go-to argument for Democrats to explain why more American voters wanted the other candidate over them.  It couldn’t possibly be anything about them, so it must be some evil – usually racist – actions against them that made them lose.

At a recent event she actually said, out loud, “malfeasance and incompetence and my opponent, who was a cartoon villain, stole the voices of Georgians.” Usually, candidates who won’t accept defeat are written off as sore losers. Such is the ­angry, unreasonably paranoid state of Democrats in the Trump era that instead of being embarrassed by the Georgian’s graceless and unsubstantiated claims of electoral theft, they have embraced and echoed them.

Abrams might be forgiven for pondering that if she could get her party to just accept she is the rightful governor of Georgia, she has an opportunity to convince it that she ­deserves to be a heartbeat away from the presidency in the administration of a 78-year-old man who is clearly suffering from dementia.

But it seems that Abrams is suffering from some sort of brain fart herself.  She continues to go around claiming she is the rightful governor of Georgia.  Think about that for a minute.  A progressive candidate cannot understand how she lost a governor’s race in Georgia.  GEORGIA!

By her own estimation, she’d be an “excellent running mate.” She has little doubt that she’s ready to be president on Day One and touts her foreign-policy credentials of having visited more than a dozen international locations.  WOW!  I mean, wow.

President Trump has rewritten the rules of political experience, but it’s still a stretch to think about someone who has only served in the Georgia legislature, and as a state representative, not even a senator, is ready and prepared to be the leader of the free world.  For goodness’ sake, even Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has more experience.  Her biggest problem was she was the worst candidate any national party ever nominated for president in US history.

Abrams informed The New York Times that she’s been so candid about her wanting to be Joe Biden’s choice, because she doesn’t “want anyone to ever look at my answer and say, ‘Well, if she can’t say it, then I can’t think it.’ ” But then just last week she had her minions go out and claim to the world that she hasn’t been pushing herself on the Biden camp for the job.  That’s just plain nuts, and here we are.

The nuttiest part is that she thinks that because of the Democrat’s “must be first” infliction that a person who couldn’t convince her own state to elect her would be a feather in the cap of a national ticket.  It’s more likely she wants the gig itself as a personal victory over wanting to be needed to help America.  I think she’s being lazy because what she really needs to do is round-the-clock psychological therapy.  Not some, one-hour-a-week, lying down on the couch and sob at me sessions, but a whole team of doctors working together coming up with a prognosis of whatever she is suffering from, and writing a thesis paper for the ages.

She considers the outdated etiquette concerning the vice president running mate selection process as oppressive. As she told The Washington Post, “tradition does not serve those who have been marginalized or disadvantaged. And therefore my response has to meet the moment.”  Wait, what?

Does Abrams consider losing an election as being marginalized?  It’s bad enough that she keeps running her mouth about having her election stolen from her without the ability to provide a single piece of evidence, but now she’s claiming she had to struggle to become the state party’s nominee?  Well, she should let us know when the Vatican elects a Catholic as Pope.

Brian Kemp, the guy who beat her and is now the governor of Georgia, served as Georgia’s Secretary of State when he was running for the governor’s office.  Abrams has used that fact to claim Kemp stole the race from her, but there’s just one little kink in her logic:  The Secretary of State isn’t responsible for counting votes.  That’s done at the local level and his office, by law, wasn’t involved at all.

Abrams cried voter suppression because Kemp purged voter rolls prior to the election, but that is the law in Georgia’s “use-it-or-lose-it” law.  Forgive Georgians if they don’t want dead people or people who moved out of the state to continue to vote.  That is what Abrams calls voter suppression.

Another lie that Abrams clings onto is that Kemp shut down polling places, and of course, she says they were all in minority areas.  But again, those decisions were made by the local people, you know, the minorities in charge of those minority areas.

Abrams has behaved so childishly that she is more-than-likely going to be passed over if the Biden campaign knows what’s good for them, and so far, they haven’t shown they do, but if she is not selected, she will just add that to her mentally irrational database of talking points that she was, yet again, robbed of what was rightfully hers.


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