Schweizer’s ‘Profiles In Corruption’ Hits #1 Ten Days Before Release, Politicians Brace For Impact

The anticipated bombshell book Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite hit #1 on Amazon on Saturday, a ten days before it’s scheduled release date on January 21st.  I pre-ordered a copy myself.

When the book’s release date was first announced by Breitbart and Axios, via publisher HarperCollins on Thursday, it was #822,128 on Amazon.  In less than 48 hours, it skyrocketed up to #1 across all book genres.

If you’ve read any of Peter Schweizer’s past books, Clinton Cash, Secret Empires, Throw Them All Out, or Extortion, you know that he’s a hard-hitting investigative force to be reckoned with, and whenever a new book is mentioned by this author, Washington insiders start to cringe and change their schedules for the immediate future.

Not a lot is known about Profiles in Corruption, except that the Government Accountability Institute President and Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer and his investigative team have spent a year and a half doing research for the book.  A source close to HarperCollins said the book will “upend official Washington” and that revelations that were bombshells about Hunter Biden and his father were “just the tip of the iceberg.”

One thing that did sneak out is that this book contains new evidence that five people in Joe Biden’s crime family received tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer cash and loans that were guaranteed by the taxpayers backing them up.

From Breitbart:

Mike Allen of Axios, who exclusively announced HarperCollins’ forthcoming release of Profiles in Corruption, reported that the book’s table of contents includes chapters on leading progressives, including:

  • Joe Biden
  • Eric Garcetti
  • Cory Booker
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Sherrod Brown
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Amy Klobuchar

If Schweizer’s next book is anything like his four previous consecutive New York Times bestsellers, Washington will feel its shockwaves. Secret Empires exposed Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine and China dealings, touching off a firestorm of coverage about Hunter Biden’s $83,000 a month work on behalf of Ukranian energy giant Burisma while Joe Biden led U.S.-Ukraine policy as vice president. Clinton Cash sparked an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation and uncovered the Uranium One scandal. Extortion led to lawmakers retiring. And Throw Them All Out pulled back the curtain on insider trading by members of Congress and led to the passage of the STOCK (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge) Act.

Joe Biden gives us the persona that he’s just a regular guy like us.  Lunch Bucket Joe he likes to be called, but in the dark of scandal, he is a person who has always abused whatever office he held to enrich his family and himself.  And most of it has been at taxpayer expense.

He’s gotten away with it for years because he’s a Democrat, and Democrats get away with a lot since they all cover for each other and have the mainstream media covering for them as well.

And Biden is just one target of this book.  That’s why this book will rock every institution in the DC swap to its core, revealing those who knew what was going on and who helped cover it all up.


  1. And media won’t note that former Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor is related to Tipper Gore. Al Gore -> $ -> Ukraine. Media merely informs you Bill Taylor is an objective “Anti Trump” character.


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