Pompeo: Trump Administration Will Help Iranian People 'Get Control Of Their Capital'

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said after meetings with top Saudi Arabian leaders in their capital that one of the Trump administration’s biggest goals is to “make sure that the Iranian people get control of their capital,” which is seen as a shot across the bow to a terrorist regime that has spent billions to strengthen its foreign military and all of its terrorist operations.
While speaking with reporters in Riyadh, Pompeo said that the Trump administration’s goal is to see that power goes back to the Iranian people so that they can throw out the current regime, which has neglected its people who are suffering greatly, all to spend money on beefing up their activities in foreign wars and supporting terror, while their economy collapses.
While the Trump administration has been very careful to avoid terms like “regime change”  it does support efforts by the Iranian people to thwart the terror regime’s expansionist goals of implanting their own brand of Islamic rule in the region, particularly in Syria and Yemen, and has also gone so far as to say that the United States will help to offer support for opposition elements across the country.
Barack Obama faced a rebellion in Iran at the beginning of his presidency, and he did absolutely nothing to let the Iranian people know that the United States supported their cries for freedom and peace.  Not so with the Trump administration.
“Our effort is to make sure that the Iranian people get control of their capital, and it becomes a nation that is normal and is not conducting terror campaigns that are unrivaled any place else in the world,” Pompeo said.
From The Washington Free Beacon:

This set of priorities was raised in private meetings between Pompeo, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.
Asked by the Washington Free Beacon if empowering the Iranian people amounts to a sort of passive backing for regime change in Tehran, officials made clear that the United States has no interest in taking the lead in such efforts. Rather, the Trump administration is working to build a coalition of Arab and European allies who can confront the Islamic Republic.
One piece of this effort includes convincing the Iranian people that their government’s financing of terrorism and foreign wars is preventing ordinary citizens from seeing their country’s economy rebound. U.S. and European economic sanctions, officials say, have decimated the Iranian economy and helped to stir popular protests across Iran.
“The end goal is to convince the Iranian people that America is serious about empowering them and creating opportunity for the Iranian people” to confront the regime about their anger over a foreign policy that spends billions on war and terror, Pompeo said in response to questions from the Free Beacon and other news outlets.

The good news is that Saudi leaders are said to be fully onboard with the United States in combating the Iranian regime, and it’s a safe bet that the Trump administration will not deliver to Tehran billions of dollars, as pallets of cash, in the middle of the night like a Mexican drug cartel.
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