New Think Tank ‘The Falkirk Center’ To Fight Attacks On Christian Principles And American Values

Liberty University, a private Christian university based in Lynchburg, Virginia, launched a national think tank on Saturday that will be dedicated to defending our God-given freedoms – also known as “inalienable rights” – and will work to restore our Judeo-Christian principles in the county’s institutions, our national policies, and above all, our distinct and unique American culture.

The think tank, named “The Falkirk Center for Faith and Liberty” was co-founded by Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. and the founder of Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk.  The center will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liberty University under Liberty’s 501(c)(3) charter.

The Falkirk Center will begin implementing its mission to “equip courageous champions to proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ, to advance His Kingdom, and renew American ideals.”

Over 60 Christian leaders and influencers from across the nation engaged in the launch that took place Saturday morning in Lynchburg.

David Harris Jr is one of the fellows of the new Falkirk Center, and had this to say about its launch:

“The existence and the need for the Falkirk Center is one of the most important, if not the most important Focus in America today. Christian values in America are under attack. Christian values are represented in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, therefore, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are under attack. I firmly believe that God will survive without America. But America will not survive without God. The Falkirk center will put those that have a firm understanding of Christian values at the forefront of multiple spheres of influence in our nation.”

There has been a growing need for the Falkirk Center, as many powerful and influential voices have been attacking Judeo-Christian principles and values from American culture and our society for years.

From the mainstream news media, elected politicians, academia, and leftist special interest groups, major platforms have been used to deny America’s legacy of Judeo-Christian principles that have built this nation to make it the greatest the world has ever known, and replace our foundational principles with the creeds of secularism, influencing upcoming generations of Americans at alarming rates.

To restore Christian principles and American ideals, the Falkirk Center will use a diverse variety of advocates and media strategies to promote the core beliefs of America’s Founders in limited government, free enterprise, individual rights and liberties endowed by our Creator, and their deliberate and intentional creation of a republic and not a theocracy. The Center will operate forthrightly to engage believers and non-believers alike in pursuit of renewing Christian principles across all sectors of society in the formation of public policies and in our cultural and government institutions. As the Center recruits new champions for the greatest governmental experiment in the history of humankind – the United States of America, it will build an army of advocates nationwide to join the cause and spread its messages about faith and liberty in all public forums and across all media platforms.

Commenting on the Falkirk Center launch, co-founder Jerry Falwell, Jr. said, “As attacks on traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs grow in frequency and intensity, the need has never been greater for a national revival of our foundational principles throughout our society and institutions in America. We are delighted that Liberty University can play a part in this mission for Christ and American ideals.”

Reinforcing that sentiment, co-founder Charlie Kirk added, “It’s time we went on offense to stand up for the Church in America and to actively promote American freedoms based on the values enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. It’s an honor to partner with President Jerry Falwell and Liberty University on this purpose-driven mission that will be used to organize an army of believers in faith and liberty, from renowned pastors to young influencers, to renew our sacred freedoms and defend our deeply held convictions.”


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