New Poll Reveals American Consumers Are Telling China To Stuff It

A recent Bloomberg poll shows that a majority of Americans are open to spending more money on products that are manufactured outside of China.  Forty percent said they will not buy anything made in China.

Also, 55 percent of respondents said they don’t believe China can be trusted to fulfill its trade commitments to buy more US products.  66 percent of people say they favor increasing restrictions on imports over free-trade deals as a better means to boost the US economy.  Whereas isolationism isn’t good for any economy, we can certainly understand the sentiment after what has been revealed about China’s handling of the pandemic virus that killed so many Americans and people around the world.

The poll results came just as President Donald Trump stated that he now feels ‘differently’ about the trade deal he signed with China earlier this year.

On Tuesday, Trump said to reporters, “I feel differently now about that deal than I did three months ago.”

“We will see what all happens, but it’s been a very disappointing situation. A very disappointing thing happened with China because the plague flowed in and that wasn’t supposed to happen and it could have been stopped,” Trump continued.

“Once the virus came in, once the plague, as I called it, came in, I said how did they let that happen? And how come it didn’t go into other sections of China? Why did they block it from leaving Wuhan? But they didn’t block it from going to the rest of the world, including the United States. Why is that? Beijing doesn’t have it. Other places don’t have it,” he added.


The President praised trade deals we have with other countries.

“People don’t realize the amount of business that we do with Canada and with Mexico is monumental. It is the biggest trade deal in the world, bigger than the deal we made with China, most people don’t know and the China deal is kicking in.” Trump said.


  1. I’m done buying anything from China. No Chinese products even from American retailers. I’ll sooner go without than send a penny to those Commies.


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