Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison Says It’s Okay To Riot Against Police, But Not National Guard

As Minneapolis, like the rest of the country now, continues to burn, with looting, and destruction of property by rioters who’re taking over the streets, Minnesota Attorney General (AG) and former DNC chairman Keith Ellison issued a note of caution to the rioters yesterday.

He hoped everybody would lend some kindness to National Guard units and other military personnel they may encounter while destroying many lives.

That was reasonably considerate of the man, assuming the street savages paid any attention. That’s exactly the kind of message you would hope your AG would give while your cities are under siege by terrorists.

“I’d like everyone to recognize the fact that the National Guard just a week ago was administering (DISEASE THAT MAY NOT BE NAMED) DTMNBN-19 tests to help people,” Ellison said. “The presence you see on the street, don’t react to them the way you might react to the Minneapolis Police Department. It’s not the same group. They have different leadership, different authority, and their job is to try to bring peace and calm back again. Please remember that this is not the group that you associate with unfair conduct.”

Unfortunately, he wasn’t finished. In an effort to make sure the rioters knew what he meant, Ellison went on to draw a distinction between the National Guard and the police. You see, it’s okay to direct your anger and violence toward the police.  But, according to Ellison, none of this is the National Guard’s fault.

Are you kidding me?  As the Minnesota Attorney General, he is condoning violence against police officers by contrasting them with National Guard units.  This is unreal!

If the AG had ended it on that note, you could later reflect on his words and come to think that he just made a really bad choice of words instead of actually instigating violence against cops.

Well, sorry, but that’s precisely what he did.  This lawless rube went on to quote Martin Luther King Jr saying that a riot is how “the unheard get heard.”

In the interest of fairness, the Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey are saying some of the right things, when they’re not blaming Donald Trump, that a real leader would be saying during a crisis like this to try to calm savage rioters down.  Even though the mayor is a feckless moron, no different from the governor, he at least isn’t ordering his police to stand down anymore, so that America can watch another police building besieged and burnt to the ground by the animals contributing the mayhem.

At least those two clowns are making an attempt to try to calm the city down, while at the same time they’ve got an AG going out in public and saying that it’s pretty much okay to assault the police so long as you allow the good National Guard guys alone.

In this respect, Ellison is taking the position that former Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake took in back in 2015 when she ordered Baltimore police to stand down.  And look where Baltimore is today.  They still haven’t recovered fully, and it’s been 5 years.  Their crimes rates have gone through the roof, because the mayor threw the cops under the bus, and so cops now don’t want to be charged with crimes just for doing their stinking job.


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