Mexican Authorities Are Using Teargas on Migrant Caravan at Our Border!

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The United States has been carefully watching the Central American caravan of migrants for weeks make its way north, and they have at long last reached the United States-Mexico border.

President Donald Trump promised on Saturday that he would shut down the border to prevent migrants from entering the country to make their case for asylum, at least until their claims are individually approved by a court.

Unlike the Obama administration, the Trump administration will not catch migrants entering our country illegally and then through the magic of administrative closure, where the Obama administration would have them placed on a list, then released into our population, only to never show up to their deportation hearing, and nothing was ever done with the list, effectively making it a sort of de facto amnesty.  Over 300,000 illegals got this Obama amnesty, many of them criminals.  Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions put an end to administrative closure, and now the Trump administration will detain illegal aliens at the border until their trial, rather than catch and release them into our society.

And it looks like he kept his word because the border crossing near Tijuana closed on Sunday as hundreds of migrants gathered together to try and apply for asylum in the United States.

First of all, according to international law, these migrants were supposed to apply for asylum at the first friendly country they came upon, and that would be Mexico.  It has been reported that Mexico offered the migrants asylum, and they refused.  You don’t get to choose which country you apply for asylum, even though about 99 percent of them don’t fit the definition of a refugee to apply for asylum.  In fact, many of them have been interviewed, and they openly admit that they are only here to get jobs.

Reports from the border show a disorganized and chaotic scene:

As the migrants came closer to the border, Mexican law enforcement used tear gas to help to disperse the crowds gathered at the border.

Now, take another look.  It appears that the entire thing was staged.

Of course, the media and their ilk on the Left will blame Trump and his administration for this, but it was the Open Borders leftist groups that started this in the first place.  Imagine any other country that puts up with people sneaking into their country this way.  Groups like CARA, a pro bono herd of illegal immigration lawyers, instruct illegals on what to say when they get here, helping them to lie their way into our country.  Someone should investigate this group because they are helping to perpetrate fraud on the United States.

Another fallacy perpetrated by our left-wing news media is that the majority of migrants are women and children, but the cold truth is about three-quarters of the migrants are adult men.

Several families with small children did make the long journey from Central America to the U.S. border, despite warnings from American officials like Vice President Mike Pence about the dangerous journey, and that they will not be allowed to come into the country illegally.

Things are escalating.  Over the U.S. side of the border, helicopters are monitoring the border and calling in any illegal crossings.  Even though there is a strong showing of law enforcement on both sides of the border, the migrants are like ants, in that they aren’t deterred and act like they don’t even notice them.

President Trump has thousands of troops ready to assist the border patrol in securing our border.  THIS is what a president’s duty is to his country, to protect it from an invasion, and it is an invasion when thousands of people try to storm your borders with many of them carrying flags of their homelands in the rush to cross over.  This may not end well, and blame for this has to be placed where it belongs; on Progressive politicians, Open Borders activists, and the praetorian guard establishment news media that is doing everything it can to distort the truth of the caravan invasion.


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