LOVE & TOLERANCE FROM THE LEFT: Sacramento Woman Lists House For Sale To Anyone, Unless You Support Trump

Okay, so the crazy liberals are now doing this…

A Sacramento, California  woman listed her house for sale, and she gave special instructions for the realtor.  The realtor can sell the house to anyone but a Trump supporter.

That’ll show em!  SMH

This left-wing dingbat sent CBS Sacramento news a self-recorded video where she stares into the camera and declares that the reason Trump supporters will not be allowed to buy the house is because her mother, who bought the house in the 1960’s, “entertained people from all walks of life.”

I guess the woman doesn’t get irony, because Trump supporters are a part of “all walks of life.”

“I told her [the realtor] that I didn’t want her to sell it to a Trump supporter,” said the woman.

She wants a sale contingent upon how someone votes, but is that legal?

Attorney Allen Sawyer doesn’t believe so.

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“That’s an unlawful contractual term that infringes the freedom of association and first amendment rights,” said Sawyer.

From The Gateway Pundit:

“We can ask somebody how they voted, but they don’t have to tell us,” said realtor Elizabeth Weintraub.

She says the “no Trump supporter” request is a first for her.

According to the Fair Housing Act, political party affiliation doesn’t fall into one of the seven protected classes. They include race, religion, color, disability. National origin, sex and familial status.

“People have a right to believe what they want to believe and they shouldn’t be restricted from purchasing property based on that,” said Sawyer.

Despite the legal issues, certified appraiser Ryan Lundquist says the seller may be limiting the pool of potential buyers.

“39 percent of voters voted for Donald Trump in the Sacramento region. That’s an absolute fact,” said Lundquist.

To this homeowner, that may not matter. She says the point is more important than the money.

“When you’re talking about principals, morals, and ethics, it’s very very deep,” said the homeowner.

Liberals are control freaks who have temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.  It’s not enough that liberals have taken over everything.  They control Hollywood, academia at every level, the mainstream news media, television, newspapers and magazines, and just about every other media out there.  Being a liberal is the easiest way to get your kooky ideas recognized and praised by the rest of the herd.  But when they lose an election they lose their minds and do goofy things like this without any sense of consciousness that they are seen by most others as childish, foolish and bordering on mentally ill.

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