Liz Warren Is Begging For $5 Donations to ‘Remain Competitive’ [VIDEO]

Failing 2020 presidential “nopeful” Elizabeth Warren is asking her supporters to donate $5 this week after her miserable performance in the New Hampshire primary, saying she needs “critical funds” to remain competitive in future contests.

I think it’s more like “life support” funds, but maybe that’s just me.

“A third of delegates aren’t decided until Super Tuesday. What we do now matters.

Our campaign needs critical funds to reach voters and caucus-goers, so we’ve set an ambitious goal: $7 million before the Nevada caucuses.

Will you chip in $5 or more now?”

“I need to level with you, our movement needs critical funds so we can remain competitive in this race through Super Tuesday,” said Warren.

“A third of the delegates don’t get decided until Super Tuesday, so what we now matters more than ever,” she added.

Here’s my response.

Warren’s 2020 run is about done, she just hasn’t accepted it yet.

The woman lied her entire adult life about being a Native American, and she did it to further her own career.

The American people aren’t stupid.  They know who she is, and they’re acting accordingly by mostly ignoring her.

This is a woman who was hired by Congress to come in and write new bankruptcy rules to make it more difficult for “GIANT corporations” to declare bankruptcy.

After completing that task, she then hired herself out to GIANT corporations, for top fees, to show them how to get around those very same rules.

You would think Warren is the ultimate Democratic candidate.  She would be the first woman president, she’s got the whole socialism thing down, and she lies effortlessly.

This is a woman who claims President Trump constantly lies when she has gotten caught lying so many times it denies belief in a Benevolent Being.

So, the American people have caught onto her, and outside of the extra-chromosome leftists, she really doesn’t have the support she thought she would, which is why she’s now begging for $5 donations.

Warren is either ignorant or desperate.  She thanked a total racist on Twitter.

Here are some past tweets by Saira Rao, a racist who ran for Congress in Colorado.

If this had been Donald Trump, he would have been badgered non-stop at least 200 times by the Fake News media with questions asking if he denounces what she said.

But it’s a Democrat, so you will hear nothing but crickets.


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