Key GOP Senator ‘Offended’ By An Accusation In Nadler’s Opening Statement, Testing The Senate’s Patience

House impeachment managers may be turning off Republicans,  particularly some seen as possible defectors in a vote to get new witnesses and in the final vote.

Moderate Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said she was offended by House manager Jerry Nadler (D-NY) when he claimed that Republican members who vote against allowing new testimony and so-called “evidence” were engaged in a coverup.

“I took it as offensive,” she told reporters Wednesday. “As one who is listening attentively and working hard to get to a fair process, I was offended.”

Nadler, in his opening statement, accused Republican senators of “voting for a cover-up, voting to deny witnesses, an absolutely indefensible vote, obviously a treacherous vote.”

The Senate became loud after that despicable statement, and Chief Justice Roberts reprimanded them.

The senator from Alaska’s complaint about Nadler is noteworthy because she’s one of the small group of GOP senators the Democrats are trying to shame into voting their way during the impeachment trial.

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And Murkowski isn’t the only one.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) said on Wednesday that Democrats “took a huge step backward” during their opening statements.

“I mean, that’s an extraordinary thing to say on the floor of the United States Senate, the middle of the trial, and that’s what drew the rebuke and rightly so,” Hawley told reporters. “I can tell you, there was an open, open gasping on the Senate floor when Nadler was saying these things. I mean, it’s really, really extraordinary.”

Hawley added: “If the goal was to persuade, they took a huge step backward last night.”

Many senators have already shown some anxiety and uneasiness on the floor after hours of listening to the BS of opening statements from the managers.

“The House is completely miscalculating how to handle this,” a Senate GOP source told Fox News Thursday. “They’re putting far too much emphasis on the time they use than the substance of what they’re delivering.”

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“You just have to stretch and you just got to stand,” Murkowski said of the restlessness during the speech from lead House Manager House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

“Those chairs, they look nice, [but] they are not comfortable chairs.”

Murkowski, who is no stranger to having to sit still with her regular D.C.-to-Alaska commute, said even she had a hard time remaining stationary during the Senate trial.

“I sit on an airplane for 10 to 12 hours, usually twice a week,” Murkowski said. “I’m used to kind of sitting in small, confined spaces. But these chairs are not comfortable.”

This crop of Democrats always do themselves in.

Give them enough time, and they’ll always hang themselves.



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