Joe Biden Nibbles On Wife Jill’s Finger During Iowa Campaign Stop

If this were Trump and First Lady Melania, the headlines all over would be Trump Attacks Melania On Stage In Front of Thousands Proving Impeachment The Right Thing To Do.

But it wasn’t Trump; it was just lying, creepy Joe Biden and his wife.

Jill Biden had been speaking to a crowd on Saturday, and while using her hands to make gestures, she barely missed her husband’s face several times.

The couple was in Council Bluffs, Iowa, addressing a crowd of a couple of hundred people, according to the Associated Press.

A chipper Joe Biden nipped on his wife’s finger onstage as she introduced him at the first stop of an 800-mile, eight-day road trip through the first state that runs a caucus.

As Jill Biden flung an arm wide to make a point, her husband theatrically dodged her hand, and on the second pass, he gave her a playful chomp on her finger in his mouth.



She took the nibble in stride, laughing along with the crowd.

Biden has come under much scrutiny in recent months over questions surrounding his health, which has led to critics questioning his fitness for office.

The top-tier 2020 candidate has also had to face questions over his actions when serving as vice president in the Obama administration, particularly about his son Hunter’s sitting on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, being paid $83,000 a month – some say double that when you add in consulting fees – at the same time Joe was the point man for the Obama administration to lead an anti-corruption effort in Ukraine.

Biden’s “No Malarkey” tour is being hailed as the most intense campaign swing of his 2020 presidential bid, meant to kick the campaign into gear to gain support in Iowa, which has polls showing him trailing Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg.



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