Jim Jordan: 7 Times Adam Schiff Got It ‘Exactly Wrong’

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) has told a lot of whoppers in his time in Congress, and after all the claims he’s made, just since Trump has been elected, turned out to be completely false and mostly made up by him, how are senators who are sitting as impeachment jurors supposed to believe a word he’s saying?  He got so many things “exactly wrong” so says Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Jordan took to social media on Wednesday to pose this very question, after Schiff, now an impeachment manager, spent over two hours making allegations against President Trump at the impeachment trial:


1.      “More than circumstantial evidence” of collusion

2.      Nunes memo was false

3.      FISA process was fine. Rep. Jordan also noted an instance where Rep. Schiff made an allegation against Pres. Trump, but failed to mention that it is based on a “presumption”:

“But, today we’re supposed to believe him?

“He just talked for two hours and 15 minutes, and we’re supposed to believe everything he’s said today. In spite of that history – where seven important things he had exactly wrong.

“So, yeah, when he talks about (Ambassador) Sondland, he doesn’t tell you that was all presumption. Mr. Sondland said that, when Congressman Turner asked him, under oath, at the hearing.

“So, that’s the kind of game that they’re playing here, and, again, I think that the American people see through it all.”

4.      The “Whistleblower” would testify

5.      “We haven’t spoken… with the ‘Whistleblower'”

6.      Parodied @POTUS‘ call

7.      “Mr. Z” referred to Zelensky

But today we’re supposed to trust him?

During a press briefing, the GOP lawmaker explained why Schiff’s 7 claims proved to be “exactly wrong,” and posed the question: “We’re supposed to believe Adam Schiff today – everything he’s saying?”

Don’t forget that Adam Schiff spent the better part of two years continually telling the American people that he had definitive proof that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election.  No one in mainstream media dared ask him “where’s your evidence?”  Even though that whole lie has been completely debunked by the former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Schiff is saying that Trump colluded with a foreign power during his presentation to the Senate in the impeachment trial.  And they have zero evidence of this, or of any crime committed by the president that makes their impeachment valid.

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Schiff and Jerry Nadler (D-NY) are saying that Trump cheated in 2016 by accepting foreign help and he must be removed now, because he’s going to cheat again in 2020.  They essentially said that the voting public cannot be trusted.

How are you supposed to believe the words of men who look the country in the eye and lie about Russian collusion so easily?


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