Hollywood Leftists Celebrate Alex Jones Being Banned By Social Media Giants

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A handful of leftist Hollywood celebrities took to Twitter on Monday to celebrate tech giants Apple, Facebook, and YouTube’s (Google) decision to kick radio host Alex Jones and his Infowars properties from their platforms.  Yet ANTIFA and Louis Farrakhan (FarraKLAN?) are still allowed.

But this is great, because up until the ban I was FORCED TO LISTEN to Alex Jones and InfoWars on these social media platforms, not having any way to listen to other content that I liked better.  What a load of bullschtein!

Ah, the tolerant Left.  Hollywood liberals just voted to remove Donald Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a status he received long before becoming a politician.

These are the same people, who in a pathetic outcry, tried to convince Republican electors of the Electoral College to not cast their votes for Donald Trump, alienating themselves from half the country.

While leftists push an all-but-imaginary claim that conservatives want to silence them, they are actually silencing their conservative voices at every chance they get.  And now they’re cheering it on.

“Good news: YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify are all banning Alex Jones and Infowars. Bad news: He’ll either get a job offer from Fox News or Donald Trump,” Actress and Former Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler wrote.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Thank you @Apple!” Will & Grace star Debra Messing tweeted.

Don’t worry, Kathy.  We’ll never forget.

Apple decided on Sunday to delete the Alex Jones Show from iTunes following Spotify’s banning.  Facebook removed four InfoWars pages from their platform.  YouTube deleted Alex Jones’ channel shortly thereafter.

From Breitbart:

Jones responded to the purge on Monday, hammering Republican lawmakers for failing to carve out rules that would force transparency and a consistent application of content rules on tech giants.

“They had congressional hearings about Internet censorship, and the Republicans were so incredibly stupid — the Republicans were so incredibly ignorant, and had circles being run around them, that they just green-lighted to go all the way,” said in a video posted to Twitter, the remaining major tech platform to continue hosting Jones’ content.
Below is a roundup of gleeful celebs applauding Jones’ social media ban.

If the tech giants get away with this, who is next?  Leftists always start off with an extreme example, and then, over time, they filter in lesser and lesser extreme cases, until one day they ban  everyone who disagrees with them.  It’s called incrementalism, and it’s a common weapon liberals use, over time, to get what they want.  In this case the idea is to get people used to the fact that a social media platform can permanently ban someone.  Once the American people have become accustomed to the tech giants being able to purge people they disagree with from their platforms they begin to ban other accounts that are in the same ballpark as the previously banned, and so it’s not as much of a shock, because it happened before.  Then, after time goes by, they begin to purge everyone they disagree with.

Shadow Banning is no longer enough for leftists, now they want the opposition permanently banned as if evidenced by the gleeful cheers from Hollywood elites when it happens.

You can’t fully blame the social media companies as they are only doing what the majority of their leftist users are demanding, and until they are identified as publishers, they are private companies that can do whatever they want with their own platforms.  By the very nature of the separate ideologies conservatives don’t make nearly as much noise as raging loony leftists, and the squeaky wheel does get the oil.  Perhaps conservatives need to look to other platforms to communicate, or pool their money and talent and create their own platform.  Conservatives are not going to win on these platforms as liberals no longer allow opposing views.

William F Buckley once said, “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

To me, Alex Jones has always been that very energetic guy who was a little over the top, and was right about 80 percent of the time.  The other 20 percent he talked about UFOs and other conspiracy theories.  I wasn’t a huge fan, but I did recognize that when he was right he did a great job at getting the viewpoint out there.  And that’s what the Left can’t stand; anyone who exposes them adequately.  And they must be removed from the equation.  Let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of a tend of darkness in social media.

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