Here’s Why Minority Voter Support For Trump Is Growing

A wonderful thing is happening.  Despite the efforts of shameless, awful Democrats escalating their deceitful rhetoric about Donald Trump being a racist, the president is enjoying an impressive increase in his approval ratings among minorities.  Even while reporting this fact, Democrats and Fake News leftists are pushing the idea that the increase in minority support for the president is some wishful thinking over a couple of outlier polls, but it is now a trend, and it started appearing in surveys early this year, and it’s been gaining momentum ever since.

Some polls now show Trump’s approval rating at 25 percent among African-American voters and 50 percent among Hispanic voters.  Here’s the best part.  If these numbers hold for the next 15 months, they will make Trump unbeatable in the 2020 election.

Before some people try to laugh that kind of bold statement off, just remember that Hillary Clinton won 92 percent of the black vote and 71 percent of the Hispanic vote.  So, if the president holds the Democrats to the lower numbers they have now, there is no way they can beat him in 2020.

The Democrats know this, though they will never say it out loud, and NOW you know why they have been accusing Trump of being a racist, even though every claim they make is done so via Olympian-style stretching of facts and truth.  Two things are unfortunate for Democrats and their stenographers in the Fake News media; 1) Donald Trump has never been thought of as a racist until he ran for president as a Republican, and 2) Despite what Democrats think of them, black and Hispanic voters aren’t stupid.

Seriously, how stupid do Democrats think minority voters are to believe that Trump calling out Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD), a black Civil Rights era icon, for his district in Baltimore being in horrible shape after Cummings has represented the district for decades, is racist?  And Democrats really jumped the proverbial shark when they likened Trump pointing out that many Baltimore neighborhoods are rat-infested as Trump saying black people are rats.

So, why is Trump receiving growing support from groups that are not typically supportive of Republicans?  Because his policies are results-oriented and his results have made black and Hispanic voter’s lives better.  Black and Hispanic unemployment are at the lowest numbers ever recorded, and those communities can feel it.

Trump pushed for and signed the First Step Act bill that affects the black community tremendously by giving felons who are released from prison a second chance in life.  Many felons are released, and nobody wants to hire them, which results in many having to go back to a life of crime just to survive.  Unlike many Democrats who have promised prison reform for many years, Trump has actually come through.

There is nothing more refreshing than an American politician who makes big promises and is visibly seen fighting like hell to keep them, and that’s what this president has done.  He has kept his promises, and people know it, despite Fake News and Democrats lying about him being the worst president in history.

Democrats are fighting to oust the president in 2020, but they are using the only tactics they know.  Instead of telling voters to vote for them because they’re going to do this or that for them, Democrats are saying don’t vote for Trump because he’s an evil racist, and minority voters more and more are seeing through the lies.

The president has a booming economy, so the Democrats can’t attack him for that.  He has done things for the LGBTQ community as well, such as the one back in February when he started a program through the State Department to work toward getting foreign governments to decriminalize homosexuality.

Every group that Democrats have used rhetoric to demonize this president can see through the deceit.  Some may not be convinced that he’s the real deal just yet, but the numbers are growing each and every day.

So Democrats have ramped up their efforts at calling Trump a racist like never before, but black and Hispanic voters have heard such accusations thrown at so many Republicans, and without any evidence, that they may no longer be listening.  It was bound to happen one day that a Republican would come along who wouldn’t cower in the face of such baseless accusations, and Donald Trump is that Republican president.

Democrats also miscalculated that Hispanic voters are Hispanic before being American citizens.  Democrats think accusing Trump of creating a manufactured crisis at the southern border will anger Hispanics using the same tactic of “don’t vote for him because he’s bad.”  The level of lies told by Democrats about the conditions at the border, and that Trump is cruelly treating migrants who come into the country illegally, are not catching on, because Hispanic citizens also want a secure border.  They aren’t playing the same identity politics of the Democrat Party.

So, Democrats may very well lose 2020 by the very people they took for granted for so long and it has to be eating at them, because the more they jump up and down and scream “RACIST!” at this president, the more support he garners just by being the results-oriented businessman who lets them know he’s fighting for them and fighting to Keep America Great in 2020.


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