Hamas Sent 59 Palestinians To Their Death When Ordering Violent Attacks In Gaza

Hamas ordered their people to attack the Gaza border fence in an effort to kill as many Jews as possible, knowing the Israeli government would defend themselves, costing the lives of their own people, just to deny Israel a couple days of good press over the celebration of their independence and the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.  What kind of leadership would send their own people to slaughter just for a propaganda campaign?

The protests – nay – riots at the Gaza border fence erupted as the U.S. embassy was opened in Jerusalem.  Sources say more the 1,200 people were wounded by live fire, with about 1,200 suffering from other types of injuries.  These numbers are suspect as they always are when coming from the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas has since ordered the rioters to pull back, announcing a national day of mourning that the useful idiots in the press will be more than happy to accommodate with anti Israeli stories.

Hamas sent at least 59 Palestinians to their deaths, including five minors, according to medical sources in the strip on Monday when they ordered them to clash with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) on the Gaza border.  The so-called leaders of the Palestinians knew that the IDF would defend themselves, in fact they counted on it, knowing the press would only report their side of the story.  This is what always happens, so it’s a safe bet that’s what happened here as well.

This is the highest Palestinian death toll since Operation Protective Edge in 2014.  Don’t forget that no one would have died if Hamas did not order the riot to take place.

IDF fighter jets and tanks attacked Hamas targets in a training camp in Jabalia, in the northern Gaza Strip, following earlier attempts to plant an explosive device on the fence and gunfire at soldiers. The IDF also killed the three terrorists who tried to plant the explosive in the Rafah area.

According to reports, four of the dead were members of Hamas’s security apparatuses. An IDF soldier was lightly wounded, likely from a stone, and received medical care.


Almost 40,000 Palestinians gathered close to the fence in over a dozen hot spots along the border, arriving since the morning hours.  About half a klick away several thousand others were located in a tent area.  This was a staged event by Hamas and the PA.

The rioters burned tires and threw stones at the soldiers as they tried to reach the fence. An IDF quadcopter was shot down near Jabalia.

The IDF warned the protestors that Israel wouldn’t tolerate a breach of the fence. Troops fired gas grenades and warning shots at the protesters.

Defense officials said that Hamas was paying Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip $100 if all family members took part in the riots.  That money more-than-likely came from Iran who is funding Hamas’ violent campaign at the Gaza border fence.  Iran is more-than-likely using the hundreds of millions of dollars on pallets of cash that Barack Hussein Obama delivered to the terror regime, in the middle of the night like a drug cartel.  The funding also paid for transportation to the fence area and other points of fighting.

Read more at YNet News.


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