Gov. Cuomo Echos Trump Supporting Loosening Restrictions To Resurrect The Economy

On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shared some similar views as President Donald Trump , agreeing it could be possible to restart the economy by loosening DTMNBN isolation restrictions on American individuals.

President Trump Monday night originally made the same argument at a White House press briefing, stating it was possible to restart the financial system and remain conscious of America’s health.

“What I’m saying, basically, is that we can do two things simultaneously,” Trump said, noting “we’ve had this incredible learning period” about the virus that might allow the federal government to review the requirements for social distancing.

During his own press briefing on Tuesday, Cuomo made pretty much the same argument.

“Don’t make us choose between the two,” Cuomo said. “We can do both and we must do both.”

Now, if only Cuomo can tell the fools at CNN and MSNBC.

Cuomo argued lower-risk and younger folks may return to work, as soon it’s known they don’t need to be quarantined with the elderly.

“You can have an economic start-up strategy that is consistent with a public health strategy,” Cuomo said.

He mentioned testing recovering people from the DTMNBN and sending them back to work was essential, noting many people probably had the virus and recovered.

“I believe once we get that test, you’re going to find hundreds of thousands of people who have had the DTMNBN and resolved,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo is looking forward to seeing younger people return to work.

“Let the younger people go back to work, let the recovered people go back to work,” he said. “Ramp up the economy with those individuals.”

Cuomo said that though the initial public health strategy was strict, it was doable to refine suggestions based on what officials had learned concerning the virus.

“So you’re refining your public health strategy and at the same time you’re restarting your economy,” Cuomo said. “Those two can be consistent if done intelligently.”


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