Drudge Report Tanking Causes Rival Conservative Sites To Rise In Popularity

The Drudge Report was always the top conservative aggregator website out there, but its rivals are gaining ground, mainly because, for whatever reason, Matt Drudge has allowed his site to go left-wing.

There are a lot of conservative sites that have popped up in recent years, some of which are gaining in popularity, at around the same time Drudge is killing his site as far as conservatives seeking news are concerned.

One of my favorites is called PolitiPage, a Blogspot page that aggregates news links, based on conservative sites.  Check them out.

According to SimilarWeb, from September-October 2018 through 2019, the sites Whatfinger News, Liberty Daily, Rantingly, NewsAmmo, and Gab Trends saw increased monthly traffic and engagement that was measured by the duration of the average visitor, and the average pages per visit.

The Citizen Free Press, like Drudgereport, a no-frills site, is also doing incredibly well, drawing 2.5 million viewers in October after launching two years ago.

SimilarWeb also discovered that at the same time, traffic to the Drudge Report went down by 15 percent, dropping from 98 million total visits to 77 million.

Dan Bongino, the former Secret Service agent and NY police officer, who has a web site bongino.com and a very popular conservative podcast bearing his name, has announced recently that he is going to compete with Drudge with his own Bongino Report, because, “the Drudge Report is now a liberal site,” and so he believes he can do better.  Guess what?  So do I.

As of late, Matt Drudge, who runs the Drudge Report, has turned to linking to stories that are anti-President Trump coming from Fake News sites like CNN, MSNBC, The NY Times, and The Washington Post, to name a few.

The Drudge rivals actually brag about being the conservative alternative to Drudge.  Whatfinger, the larges rival of Drudge publishes links to conservative news sites like The Daily Caller, Breitbart, the Daily Signal, Fox News, Daily Wires, and Epoch Times, etc.

All the alternative conservative aggregator sites made out when Drudge went left-wing, diverting traffic to their already established pages and making them more popular than ever.

My philosophy is you can’t have enough news sites to choose from, especially in this day and age of the leftist Fake News industry.  People are going to go where the news matches up better with their own ideology.  Drudge can have the liberals, because conservative sites are growing and are doing just fine.


  1. I think drudge sold out or is being black mailed. Has anyone seen him in a interview or on a talk radio in the past year? I remember the day his web page changed color for a day was the day his site turned to the dark side. No conservative gets older and turns lib, but you always see libs change to conservative as they start making money, paying more taxes.


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