Don Lemon Cries The Blues Over ‘Level of Toxicity’ In Trump Era Instead Of Looking In A Mirror

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CNN’s Don Lemon is indicating that he may not be around doing the news for much longer, and he’s blaming it all on Donald Trump.  Why not?  CNN so-called “anchors,” for lack of a better word, like Lemon haven’t done “news” in a long time.

On Thursday, in front of an audience in NYC, the host of “CNN Tonight” said that the current “level of toxicity” in society, he claims is caused by Trump’s presidency, has him questioning whether he’ll still be on the air when the 2020 election comes around.

“I don’t know if it’s worth this level of toxicity,” the 53-year-old Lemon said about continuing on at CNN, the Daily Beast reported.

“I’m ten years older than when he rode down the escalator in July 2015,” Lemon added, referring to Donald Trump’s campaign announcement four years ago.

Isn’t it funny how Lemon blames Trump for a level of toxicity that the rest of the country fully understands was caused by Fake News people like Don Lemon?  I wouldn’t even know Lemon’s name if it weren’t for the outrageous things he has said on his CNN show about our president.

Lemon has gotten so bad, so partisan, that almost every broadcast he does could be compared to the level of a Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax.

Lemon made the remarks at the Financial Times’ “Future of News” conference.

The anchor also spoke about the negative, unsolicited feedback he sometimes receives.

“I was doing a shoot in the park the other day, and someone shouted at me, ‘I’m sick of watching you. We built this country. I can’t wait for CNN to fire your black a–, you f—-t,’” he recalled, according to Deadline.

First of all, I don’t believe those hateful words were used against him.  I could be wrong, but I’m not convinced.  When you hear the infamous, “This is CNN,” it conjures up thoughts of “I’m about to be lied to.”  Don Lemon would have reported the incident and immediately blamed Donald Trump.  Lemon, like most of his colleagues at the failing news network, use anything and everything they can, no matter how ridiculous or how hyperbolic, to trash Trump and his administration.  Nothing he or the White House does is good for America according to the cretins at CNN.

“So, all of those sorts of people call you on the phone and say those things, or they write you. I don’t go on social media anymore, it’s so toxic,” he added.

It’s toxic for everyone on Twitter, but Lemon still doesn’t understand that he brings it all on himself.

For example, HuffPo did a piece on Lemon almost a year ago where he pushed the Omarosa story that there was a tape of Trump using the N-word, even though no tape has ever been revealed.  Just the mere thought of being able to once again call Trump a racist was enough for Lemon.  But the fact that no tape existed didn’t stop Lemon from wondering aloud on his show if that point even mattered.  He went into the realm of “who needs corroboration?” to push a narrative.

“It would be rational to think that if this purported tape of Trump using the N-word exists ― and there is no proof that it does ― but if it did, it would be a bombshell, right?” he said. “Right? It’d have to be… or would it?”

He then went on play clips of Trump, cherry-picked and edited, to make it appear that the candidate called all Mexicans rapists.  People like Lemon changed one word in Trump’s speech to make it appear he did so when he clearly never made that accusation.  And that was on the day Trump announced he was running.  The lies about the man have only increased steadily ever since.

And guys like Lemon blame Trump.  These network news guys have always been biased in favor of Democrats and the Left, and they’re not used to a guy like Trump who fights back with more vigor than anyone they’ve ever experienced.  Trump doesn’t put up with their lies.

CNN and alike are used to Republicans cowering before them, and Trump will have none of that.  So, they lie every day about him, which they did for two years about Russian collusion.  These cretins argued everything under the sun, from Trump is a traitor and a puppet of Putin, to questioning his mental capacity.

Everything Don Lemon has experienced during the Trump presidency could be explained if he just looked in a mirror.


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