Democratic Insiders Now Worried About Joe Biden’s Competence After Latest Round of Gaffes

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Joe Biden has always been the King of Gaffe, giving chuckles to millions and great fodder for jokes to tell around the proverbial water cooler for decades.  For a man that the mainstream news has always told us is a brilliant politician, Biden is not really all that smart.  When he isn’t making gaffes, policies he talks about are often not very well thought out.  And for a man that liberals claim his greatest acumen is for foreign policy, Joe Biden is often not just wrong on foreign affairs issues, but damn wrong.

With that said, a string of noteworthy gaffes have recently renewed doubts, especially within the Democratic Party, on whether or not the former Vice President has the capability to continue on as a candidate.  They realize at this point that Donald Trump will tear him to pieces on a debate stage and on his own campaign trail.

When Biden first appeared in Iowa this week, he was given a champion’s wlecome.   He had just taken out his biggest challenger at the second primary debate, and he was able to deflect a lot of the attention over his family troubles of corruption by attacking President Trump, with lies, of course.

David Axelrod, the man who helped Barack Obama get elected, said that Biden’s campaign seemed to be finally getting it’s legs.

“By far, this is the best Joe Biden moment of the campaign,” Axelrod tweeted after Biden delivered a speech accusing Trump of having fanned ‘the flames of white supremacy.’ “He is speaking with energy, passion and conviction.”  He was speaking lies.

Axelrod said “a lot of nervous” Democrats were now “walking with a little more verve.”  I guess Democrats like it when the frontrunner gets away with telling bald-faced lies about the president.

But all things that go up eventually must go down.  In this case, things weren’t up all that long.  On Thursday, Biden made three high-profile gaffes while campaigning that brought back all of the nervous doubts over his candidacy.

Everyone knows from history and experience with the man that Biden can not help himself to say stupid things, but the 76-year-old frontrunner is now saying stupid things that don’t really seem like gaffes, but like the man is not running on all cylinders, if you know what I mean.

For example, Biden told voters at the Iowa State Fair “we choose truth over facts.”

“Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Even his supporters know who he is. We got to let him know who we are. We choose unity over division,” Biden said in an off the stump speech. “We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts.”

Many people there, and those who watched it later on, were scratching their heads wondering what the heck Biden meant.  Breitbart News reported that the comment was likely the result of Biden flubbing an applause line he frequently uses to end campaign appearances: “we have to choose hope over fear, unity over division and, maybe most importantly, truth over lies.”  This is a man who launched his 2020 campaign based solely on a lie about President Trump’s Charlottesville speech.

That monumental gaffe, widely spread on social media, was just the start of what Biden was about to do.  Later that night, as he was speaking at a town hall in Des Moines, Iowa, a gathering that was organized by the Asian and Latino Coalition, and the candidate got confused and mixed up Britain’s recently unseated prime minister Theresa May for the late Margaret Thatcher, who retired from politics back in 1990, just after the Reagan revolution, and passed away in 2013.

“Words that stunned the nation, and I would argue – I know – shocked the world. International leaders spoke about it,” Biden said he once again brazenly lied about Donald Trump calling neo-Nazis “very fine people” during the president’s Charlottesville, Virginia speech.

“You had people like Margaret Thatch… excuse me,” the former vice president said catching himself. “You had people like the former chairman and the leader of the party in Germany. You had Angela Merkel stand up and say how terrible it was. International leaders looked at us like, ‘what in God’s name is happening to the United States of America?’”

Biden is able to keep telling that lie, because Fake News networks like CNN edited out the part of Trump’s speech where he condemned the neo-Nazis and white nationalists.  At the part of his speech where he said there were very fine people on both sides of the Charlottesville protest he said, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.”


Biden’s screwup over Thatcher during his doubling down on the Charlottesville lie didn’t really take hold in the news cycle right away, but only because he had another blunder that outweighed it.

While explaining his plans to reform America’s education system, Blundering Biden said that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”


“We should challenge these students, we should challenge students in these schools to have advanced placement programs in these schools,” the former vice president said. “We have this notion that somehow if you’re poor you cannot do it. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

The former VP quickly realized he had let his inner racist Joe out for all to see, and he tried to fix it by adding, “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids” as an afterthought to his racist statement.  It’s was awkwardly obvious he screwed up and was trying to fix it.

Biden’s team tried to walk back the racist statement about poor kids being just as bright as the white kids, but the damage had been done.

Almost immediately several prominent folks from the Left started questioning Biden’s ability to see his candidacy through to the end, but they worried about his competence to be Commander in Chief.

Can you imagine a Biden being in charge of our military?

“Bomb the hell out of South Korea!” President Biden shouted.  “Eh… uh… no, I mean North Korea, bomb the hell out of… oh, you already did?  Okay… my goodness, what the hell did you do?  We’ll blame racism….”

From Breitbart:

Even before the gaffes were fully understood, several prominent individuals on the left began questioning not only Biden’s capabilities as a candidate, but also his competence to be commander in chief.

One of the most vocal was Adam Jentleson, a one time deputy chief of staff to former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Shortly after the gaffes went viral on Thursday, Jentleson took to social media and called on Biden’s team to prove their candidate was up to the task of running for president.

“Biden and his team owe it to voters to put him run a real, rigorous public campaign schedule, like everyone else. If he can hack it, great. If not, better to know sooner rather than later,” he wrote. “Keeping him under wraps except for big events while trying to skate by is just sketchy.”

Washington bureau chief for The Intercept, Ryan Grim, suggested that Biden’s team would have to be “sociopathic” to try to put a candidate “not fully with it” into the Oval Office.


“Senior Biden advisers, if they’re trying to smuggle in a candidate who isn’t fully with it, are truly playing with fire,” Grim wrote. “That’s a sociopathic (and ultimately unsustainable) strategy if that’s what’s happening.”

Apparently there are more within the party that are expressing their concerns over Lunchbox Joe losing his thermos.  Some people believe Biden only ran to avoid being charged with corruption crimes over his dealings with countries like China and Ukraine where he gave up great deals to the two nations for very lucrative sweetheart deals for his son Hunter’s firm.

It’s only a matter of gaffes from now that someone in the party will tell Joe that it’s time he leave the arena.  At that point he should hire some really good lawyers, because allegedly his candidacy is the only reason he hasn’t already been charged with crimes.


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